Pyrrhus II
King of Epirus
Reign242 - 238 BC
PredecessorAlexander II of Epirus
SuccessorPtolemy of Epirus
IssueDeidamia II of Epirus
Nereis of Epirus
FatherAlexander II of Epirus
MotherOlympias II of Epirus
ReligionAncient Greek religion

Pyrrhus II (Greek: Πύρρος) was the son of Olympias II and Alexander II of Epirus. He was a brother of Ptolemy and Phthia of Macedon. He ruled as king of Epirus from 242 BC to 237 BC. He had two daughters: Deidamia II who was the last ruler of the Aeacid Dynasty and Nereis who married Gelon of Syracuse.

Tribes of Epirus in antiquity
Tribes of Epirus in antiquity


Preceded byAlexander II King of Epirus 242– 238 BC Succeeded byPtolemy