Qaem 100
FunctionSmall-lift space launch vehicle
ManufacturerIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Country of originIran
Payload to LEO 500 km
Mass80 kg
Associated rockets
Based onQased
Launch history
StatusIn development
Total launches1 (suborbital)
Success(es)1 (suborbital)
First flight5 November 2022
Last flight5 November 2022
First stage
Powered byRafe
Maximum thrust68,000 kilograms-force (670,000 N; 150,000 lbf)
Second stage
Diameter1 m
Powered bySalman
Burn time60 seconds
Third stage
Diameter1 m
Powered byUnnamed IRGC motor

Qaem 100 (also Ghaem 100, Persian: قائم ۱۰۰) is an Iranian expendable small-lift launch vehicle in development by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). It was unveiled on 5 November 2022 and is the first rocket of the Qaem family. According to the IRGC Qaem 110 will be utilized to launch the Nahid satellite for telecommunication purposes.[1]

Development history

In 2020, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps successfully launched its first rocket, the Qased.[2] Experience acquired through the Qased's development allowed the IRGC to develop the Qaem 100.[3] Its first suborbital test flight has been successfully carried out on 5 November 2022.[4][1] The IRGC then announced Qaem 100 will "soon" be used to launch the Nahid satellite manufactured by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran.[1] The Qaem-100 is planned to be followed by other Qaem rockets including the Qaem-105, Qaem-110 and Qaem-200, which will ultimately allow Iran to put satellites into the 36,000 km GEO orbit.[3]


Qaem 100 is the first three-stage solid-fueled rocket manufactured by Iran[5] that will be able to put a satellite weighing 80 kg (180 lb) into a 500 kilometres (310 miles) LEO orbit.[6][1] This is twice the payload that the Qased rocket can lift while the two rockets weight the same.[3]

The first stage is the Rafe motor that successfully passed its static ground test in January 2022.[1][7] Rafe is able to produce 68 tonnes-force (670 kN; 150,000 lbf) of thrust. It uses gimballed thrust vector control (TVC) for steering and has a wound carbon-fiber composite casing reducing weight compared to traditional casing.[7]

Launch history

Flight No. Date & Time (UTC) Payload Type Outcome Remarks
1 5 November 2022 Success Suborbital test flight[1]

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