Qatar's football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for association football clubs in Qatar and consists of two divisions which are overseen by the Qatar Football Association (QFA). The Qatar Stars League, previously known as the Q-League, is the top division and currently features 14 teams, whereas the second division features a total of 18 teams, four of which are clubs and fourteen of which are reserve teams.[1] Two clubs are promoted and relegated at the end of each season.[2]

There are currently 4 official amateur football leagues in Qatar. Three amateur leagues are under the jurisdiction of the Qatar International Amateur Football League (QIAFL), and the fourth, known as the Qatar Amateur League (QAL) is recognized by the QFA. Inaugurated in November 2013,[3] the QAL has 14 teams, all of which were established through the country's government, political and social sectors.[4]

Level League
1 Qatar Stars League
12 clubs
↓↑ 1-2 clubs
2 Qatari Second Division
8 clubs


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