Qingfeng County
Qingfeng in Puyang
Qingfeng in Puyang
Puyang in Henan
Puyang in Henan
Coordinates: 35°53′06″N 115°06′14″E / 35.885°N 115.104°E / 35.885; 115.104Coordinates: 35°53′06″N 115°06′14″E / 35.885°N 115.104°E / 35.885; 115.104
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityPuyang
 • Total869 km2 (336 sq mi)
 • Total628,400[1]
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Qingfeng County
Traditional Chinese清豐縣
Simplified Chinese清丰县

Qingfeng County is a county located in the northeast of Henan province, bordering the provinces of Hebei to the northwest and Shandong to the east. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Puyang. In the Han Dynasty, Dunqiu County (simplified Chinese: 顿丘; traditional Chinese: 頓丘) was located somewhere near this area, possibly to the southwest of the modern day county. At the time, it was a part of Dong Commandery (simplified Chinese: 东郡; traditional Chinese: 東郡). Cao Cao was made governor of Dunqiu County, following his assignment as Captain of the Northern District (北都尉) of Luoyang (the capital at that time).

Administrative divisions

As 2012, this county is divided to 5 towns and 12 townships.[2]

  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Mazhuangqiao (马庄桥镇)
  • Wawutou (瓦屋头镇)
  • Xianzhuang (仙庄镇)
  • Liuge (柳格镇)
  • Liuta Township (六塔乡)
  • Gongying Township (巩营乡)
  • Macun Township (马村乡)
  • Gaobao Township (高堡乡)
  • Gucheng Township (古城乡)
  • Daliu Township (大流乡)
  • Hancun Township (韩村乡)
  • Datun Township (大屯乡)
  • Gucheng Township (固城乡)
  • Shuangmiao Township (双庙乡)
  • Zhifang Township (纸房乡)
  • Yangshao Township (阳邵乡)


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