Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package (qdap)
Developer(s)Bryan Goodrich, Dason Kurkiewicz, Tyler Rinker
Stable release
2.4.2 / September 27, 2020; 20 months ago (2020-09-27)[1]
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS
TypeQualitative data analysis, Discourse analysis
LicenseGPL2 license

Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package (qdap) is an R package for computer assisted qualitative data analysis, particularly quantitative discourse analysis, transcript analysis and natural language processing. Qdap is installable from, and runs within, the R system.

Qdap is a tool for quantitative analysis of qualitative transcripts and therefore provides a bridge between quantitative and qualitative research approaches. It is designed for transcript analysis, but its features overlap with natural language processing and text mining.

Its features include:

For higher level statistical analysis and visualization of text, qdap is integrated with R and offers integration with other R packages.


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