Querelle of Brest
First edition
AuthorJean Genet
Original titleQuerelle de Brest
TranslatorAnselm Hollo
PublisherMarc Barbezat - L'Arbalete (Original French), Grove Press (English Translation)
Publication date
Published in English
Media typePrint

Querelle of Brest (French: Querelle de Brest) is a novel by the French writer Jean Genet. It was written mostly in 1945 and first published anonymously in 1947, limited to 460 numbered copies, with illustrations by Jean Cocteau.[1] It is set in the midst of the port town of Brest, where sailors and the sea are associated with murder. Georges Querelle, its protagonist, is a bisexual thief, prostitute and serial killer who manipulates and kills his lovers for thrills and profit. The novel formed the basis for Querelle (1982), Rainer Werner Fassbinder's last film.


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