Radio Exterior
Broadcast areaEurope, Africa, Americas, Asia and Oceania
FrequencyShortwave, satellite and Internet
Language(s)Spanish, French, Arabic, Ladino, Portuguese, Russian and English
Radio Nacional
Radio Clásica
Radio 3
Ràdio 4
Radio 5
First air date
15 March 1942
WebsiteRadio Exterior

Radio Exterior de España (REE) or simply Radio Exterior is a Spanish international radio station operated by Radio Nacional de España (RNE).

While the first shortwave broadcasts to Europe (La Voz de España) were brought forward by RNE already in 1942,[1] Radio Exterior de España was born as such on 2 January 1978.[2] The station is primarily intended for Spaniards living abroad. It broadcasts 24-hours a day on satellite and the internet but for limited hours on shortwave. Transmissions are in Spanish, French, Arabic, Ladino, Portuguese, Russian and English. REE is considered to be Spain's equivalent to the BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle and Radio Canada International. REE ceased shortwave broadcasts on 15 October 2014; however, two months later it was announced they would resume shortwave broadcasts in Spanish for four hours a day, as well as coverage of sporting events, in order to serve the country's fishing industry whose ships had no other viable means to access REE broadcasts while at sea.

REE transmission originate from the Noblejas transmission site.[3][4][5]

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