The Ralte[1] or Galte[2] tribe are a sub-tribe of Zo people, Kuki people and Mizo people. It may refer to:



  1. ^ Ghosh, G. K. (2008). Bamboo: The Wonderful Grass. APH Publishing. p. 171. ISBN 978-81-313-0369-6. Normally it is believed that the Mizo tribe is a single tribe. But fact is however different. The Mizo tribe is actually not a single tribe but combination of a number of tribes. Correctly speaking it is a group of tribes. The Mizo tribe is a combination of five major tribes such as Lushei, Ralte, Hmar, Paite, and Pawi (or Poi) and eleven minor tribes known under common name Awzia.
  2. ^ Khai, Sing Khaw (1995). Zo People and Their Culture: A Historical, Cultural Study and Critical Analysis of Zo and Its Ethnic Tribes. Khampu Hatzaw. p. 11.