Ranat thum lek
Classification Percussion (idiophone)
Related instruments
Roneat thong, ranat thum, ranat ek lek

The ranat thum lek (Thai: ระนาดทุ้มเหล็ก, pronounced [ranâːt tʰúm lèk]) is a metallophone used in the classical music of Thailand. It is the larger of the two sizes of Thai metallophone; the smaller one is called ranat ek lek.

The ranat thum lek consists of flat metal slabs placed over a rectangular wooden resonator. It is played with two bamboo sticks with padded ends.

The origin of this instrument is attributed to the brother of King Rama IV(1854-1868) the same time as the creation of roneat ek lek.[1]

The ranat thum lek is very similar to the Khmer roneat thong.


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