Rathbone Brothers Plc
Founded1742; 279 years ago (1742)
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Key people
Mark Nicholls, Chairman
Paul Stockton, CEO
Jennifer Mathias, FD
Revenue£329.0 million (2019)[1]
£39.7 million (2019)[1]
£26.9 million (2019)[1]

Rathbone Brothers Plc is a UK provider of personalised investment management and wealth management services for private investors and trustees. This includes discretionary investment management, unit trusts, tax planning, trust and company management, pension advice and banking services. Rathbone Brothers Plc is an independent FTSE 250 company.


8 Finsbury Circus, London (building on the right), Head office of Rathbone
8 Finsbury Circus, London (building on the right), Head office of Rathbone

The business was founded by William Rathbone II by 1742 as a Liverpool-based timber trading business.[2] In the 19th century it became a leading trader in cotton from the United States and in 1841 it became the Liverpool agent for the East India Company.[2] In 1912 it abandoned its trading operations and focused on financial management,[2] initially for the Rathbone family, but subsequently for the general public. In 1988 it merged with Comprehensive Financial Services Ltd to form Rathbone Brothers plc[2] and thereby secured a listing on the London Stock Exchange.[3]


The group provides investment management, financial planning, tax and trust services.[4] By July 2020, the company had funds under management of £49.4 billion.[1][5]

The company has 15 offices located all over the UK and Jersey.[6]

The current CEO is Paul Stockton, who was appointed to the position in May 2019.[7][8] He had previously worked at the company from 2008, as group financial and managing director.[8]

Rathbone Society

The Rathbone Society was founded by the Rathbone family.[9]

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Rathbone Brothers Foundation is the charitable arm of the group, supporting charities that pay particular attention to at risk and vulnerable youths.[10]


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