Razee plane
Plane, carpenters (AM 68449-1).jpg
A razee jack plane
Other names
  • Recess handle plane
  • Cutaway plane
ClassificationType of wooden hand plane

A razee plane is a style of wooden hand plane which has a section of its rear cut away, so that the plane has a lower handle. This design makes the plane lighter, with a lower centre of mass, and puts the handle closer to the workpiece and cutting edge – giving the user greater control.[1][2][3]

Historically, because they are lighter and easier to control, razee planes were often used in school and training workshops.[1][2]

Despite their advantages razee planes are not as common, likely because they were originally slightly more expensive to buy.[4][1]

The name razee may be derived from the historic razee ship conversion, in which a wooden sailing ship is modified by removing upper decks to lower the ship's centre of mass.[1]


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