Reactionary feminism is a form of feminism which rejects the notion of progress and pure social constructionism.[1] The term was popularized by the author Mary Harrington in her book Feminism Against Progress.[2] Harrington invented the term as a meme on her Twitter bio in 2020 in order to encapsulate her version of postliberalism and feminism.

Reactionary feminism centres on the reality that there a clear average differences between men and women both physiologically and psychologically. They also argue that progress is a myth, and that advances for women are based ultimately on material and technological changes in society. Reactionary feminists argue that therefore in order to advance the interests of women over men, physical differences must be recognised and considered regardless of the social context. Reactionary feminist beliefs include the belief that the sexual revolution, which benefited men at the expense of women. They also oppose prostitution and pornography, surrogacy and hold gender critical views. Some people described as “reactionary feminists” have allied with “radical feminists” whereas others have allied with those of conservative religious beliefs, such as Catholicism. There are links between reactionary feminism and postliberalism.


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