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ReleasedApril 1, 1981
RecordedSeptember 25 – October 31, 1980
VenueWarfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA; Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
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Dead Set
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Robert ChristgauB+[2]

Reckoning is a 1981 live double album by the Grateful Dead. It consists of acoustic material recorded live in September and October 1980. Some of the tracks are shortened versions of the live performances.

The material recorded in 1980 was originally intended for release on one double LP set, but the format of the music subsequently steered the Grateful Dead towards the release of two double albums, Reckoning and Dead Set. Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia commented that the band "ended with so much good material that it was a struggle. The idea of just one acoustic and one electric record was sort of pathetic, since our electric tunes are seldom less than eight minutes long. And that meant our fat electric album would have two songs on a side. It was kind of silly."[3]

Initial CD releases omitted one track, "Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie", for space reasons. One CD, tape, and LP release, by Pair/Arista Records in 1984, was given the title For the Faithful....[3] In 1988 the album was re-issued with the original title.

Track listing

Original release

No.TitleWriter(s)Recording date and venueLength
1."Dire Wolf"10/11/80 Warfield Theatre3:20
2."The Race Is On"Don Rollins10/13/80 Warfield Theatre2:58
3."Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie"Elizabeth Cotten09/30/80 Warfield Theatre6:28
4."It Must Have Been the Roses"Hunter10/26/80 Radio City Music Hall6:56
5."Dark Hollow"Bill Browning10/07/80 Warfield Theatre3:49
6."China Doll"
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
10/14/80 Warfield Theatre5:22
7."Been All Around This World"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/14/80 Warfield Theatre4:31
8."Monkey and the Engineer"Jesse Fuller10/27/80 Radio City Music Hall2:37
9."Jack-A-Roe"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/10/80 Warfield Theatre4:05
10."Deep Elem Blues"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/11/80 Warfield Theatre4:51
11."Cassidy"10/14/80 Warfield Theatre4:38
12."To Lay Me Down"
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
10/25/80 Radio City Music Hall8:59
13."Rosalie McFall"Charlie Monroe09/26/80 Warfield Theatre2:54
14."On the Road Again"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/30/80 Radio City Music Hall3:15
15."Bird Song"
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
10/14/80 Warfield Theatre7:34
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
09/26/80 Warfield Theatre4:38

2004 Rhino release bonus material, Disc two

No.TitleWriter(s)Recording date and venueLength
1."To Lay Me Down" (Studio Rehearsal)
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
09/14/80 Club Front9:12
2."Iko Iko"James "Sugar Boy" Crawford, Barbara Anne Hawkins, Rosa Lee Hawkins, Joan Johnson10/07/80 Warfield Theatre4:23
3."Heaven Help the Fool" (instrumental version)
  • Weir
  • Barlow
10/25/80 Radio City Music Hall6:18
4."El Paso"Marty Robbins10/13/80 Warfield Theatre4:41
5."Sage & Spirit"Weir10/31/80 Radio City Music Hall3:14
6."Little Sadie"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/31/80 Radio City Music Hall2:45
7."It Must Have Been the Roses" (Alternate Live Version)Hunter10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall7:01
8."Dark Hollow" (Alternate Live Version)Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall4:30
9."Jack-A-Roe" (Alternate Live Version)Trad. arr. Grateful Dead10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall5:08
10."Cassidy" (Alternate Live Version)
  • Weir
  • Barlow
10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall5:06
11."China Doll" (Alternate Live Version)
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall5:52
12."Monkey and the Engineer" (Alternate Live Version)Fuller10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall2:37
13."Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie" (Alternate Live Version)Cotten10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall7:13
14."Ripple" (Alternate Live Version)
  • Garcia
  • Hunter
10/23/80 Radio City Music Hall4:37
15."Tom Dooley"Trad. arr. Grateful Dead11/17/78 Rambler Room3:33
16."Deep Elem Blues" (Alternate Live Version)Trad. arr. Grateful Dead11/17/78 Rambler Room3:42




Album: Billboard

Year Chart Position
1981 Pop Albums 43

Singles: Billboard

Year Single Chart Position
1981 "Dire Wolf" Mainstream Rock 37


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