Regionuli Liga
Founded1990; 32 years ago (1990)
Country Georgia
Number of teams39
Level on pyramid5
Promotion toLiga 4
Domestic cup(s)Georgian Cup

Regionuli Liga (Georgian: რეგიონული ლიგა), run by Georgian Football Federation since 1990, is the fifth and lowest division of Georgian league system after Erovnuli Liga, Erovnuli Liga 2, Liga 3 and Liga 4. Its participants are both professional clubs and reserve teams of higher league members.

Prior to the introduction of Liga 4 in 2019, Regionuli Liga was the fourth tier.


As the name implies, the league is based on regional principle. Depending on the number of participating clubs, it is divided into several groups. In 2017, there were forty teams allocated in three groups.[1] The next year two zones were created for teams based in Western Georgia and two more for the eastern regions. This regulation lasted three seasons until 2021, when the league was split into two groups.

The number of promoted clubs per season also varies. Usually only the group winners gain automatic promotion, although several second-placed and third-placed teams, too, directly or through play-offs have advanced to the fourth tier in recent years.[2] In another case, play-off ties against Liga 3 teams determined the fate of Liga 4 two slots.[3]

The seasons are played on Spring-Autumn system.

Current season

Regionuli Liga is located in Georgia
Tbilisi teams: Gldani Iberia 2010 Irao-2 Merani-3 Norchi Dinamo 2016 Sportuni 2021 Sulakvelidze Academy Tbilisi Rviani UG 35 Varketili-2 Vazisubani WIT Georgia-3
Tbilisi teams:
Iberia 2010
Norchi Dinamo 2016
Sportuni 2021
Sulakvelidze Academy
UG 35
WIT Georgia-3
Locations of Regionuli Liga football clubs in 2022

For the 2022 season 25 clubs from the southern and eastern parts of Georgia and three Tbilisi-based teams from Abkhazia have formed A and B groups, while zone C consists of eleven clubs from the western regions. At the end of the season four teams will gain promotion to Liga 4. Three group winners will be joined by one of the runners-up based on play-off results among the three second-placed teams.

Clubs represented in Regionuli liga for the 2022 season are listed below in alphabetical order.[4] Four of them have in the past participated in the top division:

Groups Teams
Abuli AkhalkalakiDinamo Sokhumi • Gldani Tbilisi • Iberia 2010 Tbilisi • Iveria Khashuri • Kaspi 1936 Kaspi • Kolkhi Gulripshi • Legioni GoriMerani-3 Tbilisi • Norchi Dinamo 2016 Tbilisi • Samtskhe AkhaltsikheTskhumi SokhumiWIT Georgia-3 Tbilisi • Varketili-2 Tbilisi
Edzani Tsalka GardabaniGareji-2 Sagarejo • Gorda Rustavi • Irao-2 Tbilisi • Liakhvi Achabeti • Rustavi-2 • Rviani Tbilisi • Sportuni 2021 Tbilisi • Sulakvelidze Academy Tbilisi • Tbilisi • Telavi-2 • Vazisubani Tbilisi • UG 35 Tbilisi
Bakhmaro-2 ChokhatauriChibati Lanchkhuti • BSU BatumiEgrisi SenakiGonio BatumiImereti KhoniKolkheti-2 1913 Poti • Martve KutaisiMertskhali OzurgetiShukura-2 Kobuleti • Zana Abasha


Past seasons

Group Winners

Year Teams
2017 Bakhmaro ChokhatauriSaburtalo Tbilisi-2 • Varketili Tbilisi
2018 Salkhino Martvili • Dinamo Batumi-2 • Tbilisi City • Gareji Sagarejo
2019 Torpedo Kutaisi-2Skuri TsalenjikhaWIT Georgia-2 • Didube Tbilisi
2020 Torpedo Kutaisi-2Merani Martvili-2 • Irao Tbilisi • Dinamo Tbilisi-2
2021 Samgurali Tskaltubo-2Locomotive Tbilisi-2
2022 Kolkheti-2 1913Gardabani • Varketili Tbilisi-2

Year Teams
2017 Aragvi DushetiBakhmaro ChokhatauriMatchakhela KhelvachauriSaburtalo Tbilisi-2Samgurali Tskaltubo-2 • Varketili Tbilisi
2018 Egrisi SenakiGareji SagarejoOdishi 1919Spaeri Tbilisi • Tbilisi City
2019 Didube Tbilisi • Iberia Tbilisi • Merani Tbilisi-2Skuri TsalenjikhaSulori VaniWIT Georgia-2Zestafoni
2020 Dinamo Tbilisi-2 • Irao Tbilisi • Margveti 2006Matchakhela KhelvachauriMerani Martvili-2 • Shturmi Sartichala • Tbilisi • Torpedo Kutaisi-2
2021 Locomotive Tbilisi-2 • Samgurali Tskaltubo-2
2022 GardabaniKolkheti-2 1913 • Varketili Tbilisi-2 • TBD

Notes: Aragvi Dusheti and Samgurali Tskaltubo-2 beat their upper league rivals in the 2017 play-offs.[5] So did Gareji Sagarejo a year later. All the other clubs were promoted directly. In 2018 and 2019, the second phase of competition was held in Promotion Groups. As a result, in comparison with the initial phase, the final table of these seasons sustained some changes.[6]


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