Responsible Autonomy
Autonomia Responsabile
LeaderRenzo Tondo
Liberal conservatism[1]
Regional Council
1 / 49
Chamber of Deputies (FVG seats)
1 / 13

Responsible Autonomy (Italian: Autonomia Responsabile, AR) is a centrist political party active in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

The party was launched as a "civic list" in support of Renzo Tondo, incumbent President of The People of Freedom in the 2013 regional election.[2] In the event, Tondo was defeated by Debora Serracchiani of the Democratic Party,[2] but AR obtained 10.7% of the vote and four councillors.[3] Others joined later on.

During 2014 AR was organised into a party, under the leadership of president Bruno Tellia, a university professor, and secretary Vanni Lenna, a former member of the Chamber of Deputies.[4] Also, the party was officially joined by Tondo,[5] who became floor leader,[6] replacing Roberto Dipiazza. In 2016 Dipiazza was elected mayor of Trieste[7][8] and the entire party's leadership was reshuffled: Tellia was replaced as president by Tondo, while Lenna was succeeded as secretary by Giulia Manzan.[9]

In early 2017 AR was involved in the foundation of Direction Italy by the Conservatives and Reformists,[10] but has since continued to be active autonomously. In the 2017 local elections the party obtained 6.0% in Gorizia.[11]

In the 2018 general election Tondo was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, by defeating his old-time Democratic rival Riccardo Illy in the single-seat constituency of Trieste. In the subsequent 2018 regional elections the party obtained 4.0% and lost three of its four seats in the Regional Council.



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