Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story
Scaled resurrection.jpg
Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story movie poster
Directed byGreg Carter
Written byKeith Kjornes
Produced byBenjamin O. Jimerson-Phillips
Greg Carter
Larry Johnson
J.R. Richard
Executive Producers:
Charlie Bellinger-Bethea
Larry Johnson
Quanell X
StarringDavid Ramsey
Charles Durning
Kenya Moore
Sara Stokes
Ron Finberg
Anika McFall
Annette P. Jimerson
Jessica M. Jimerson
Bellinger-Bethea X Films
Release date
February 11, 2005
Running time
120 min[1]
CountryUnited States

Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story is a 2005 American independent film, directed by Greg Carter[1] and Benjamin O. Jimerson-Phillips, Executive Producers Charlie Bellinger, J.R. Richard & Larry Johnson; and Produced by Benjamin O. Jimerson-Phillips, and Bruce Dalton, starring David Ramsey and Charles Durning two time Academy Award Nominee.[2][3] The film is a biopic[4] tale of the Houston Astros baseball Pitcher J. R. Richard, his life high points and struggles.[1] It was shot by Bellinger-7 Films, which is owned by Ms. Charlie Bellinger-Bethea, former wife of Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Elvin Bethea, and done in association with Nexus Films & Adept Films Inc.[4]


The story of famed Houston Astros baseball Pitcher J.R. Richard, from his early life in Louisiana, to his beginnings as a major baseball player in 1969, leading up to the massive stroke he suffered in 1980, leaving his only true Resurrection to his close friends and fans back into baseball.[1]



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