Reviews of Modern Physics
Edited byRandall Kamien
Debbie Brodbar
Publication details
American Physical Society (United States)
44.1 (2022)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Rev. Mod. Phys.
ISSN0034-6861 (print)
1539-0756 (web)
OCLC no.5975699

Reviews of Modern Physics (often abbreviated RMP) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Physical Society. It was established in 1929[1] and the current editor-in-chief is Michael Thoennessen. The journal publishes review articles, usually by established researchers, on all aspects of physics and related fields. The reviews are usually accessible to non-specialists and serve as introductory material to graduate students, which survey recent work, discuss key problems to be solved and provide perspectives toward the end.[citation needed]

The journal has published several historically significant papers on quantum foundations,[2] as well as the development of the Standard Model of particle physics.[3][4]


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