Rhode Island Library Association
FormationMarch 9, 1903; 121 years ago (1903-03-09)
FounderFrank G. Bates
Parent organization
American Library Association

The Rhode Island Library Association (RILA) is a professional organization for Rhode Island's librarians and library workers.[1] It is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. It was founded on March 9, 1903, at the Providence Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island, at a meeting organized by Frank G. Bates, State Librarian of Rhode Island.[1] The organization's goal was to promote "the Library interest of the state of Rhode Island".[1] The current mission of RILA is "The Rhode Island Library Association is a professional organization that serves its members through career development, education, advocacy, networking partnerships and legislative action."[2]

RILA's first quarterly Bulletin of Rhode Island Library Association was published in May 1908 via the state Board of Education and was discontinued in November 1912.[1] It began publication again in 1927, being published by RILA.[3]

RILA endorsed a Works Progress Administration program for libraries in 1936, resulting in Elizabeth Myer becoming supervisor of a Statewide WPA Library Project in 1940, cataloging public libraries and doing field consultant work.[1]


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