Ricochet (Full).JPG
Ricochet at Carowinds
Park sectionCarolina Boardwalk
Coordinates35°06′15″N 80°56′34″W / 35.1042°N 80.9428°W / 35.1042; -80.9428Coordinates: 35°06′15″N 80°56′34″W / 35.1042°N 80.9428°W / 35.1042; -80.9428
Opening dateMarch 23, 2002 (2002-03-23)
General statistics
TypeSteel – Wild Mouse
ManufacturerMack Rides
Lift/launch systemChain lift hill
Height45.9 ft (14.0 m)
Length1,214 ft (370 m)
Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Height restriction44 in (112 cm)
Ricochet at RCDB

Ricochet is a wild mouse roller coaster located at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina. It opened for the 2002 season. The roller coaster is located in the Carolina Boardwalk section of the park.


On October 23, 2001, Carowinds announced that they would be adding Ricochet. It would be the park's 11th roller coaster. The new ride would also be part of a new Carolina Boardwalk section.[1]

Ricochet officially opened on March 23, 2002.[2]


Ricochet at Carowinds is a Compact park model. It received a new paint job for the 2014 season, consisting of blue supports and green track.[3]

Ride experience

Riders exit the station before taking a sharp turn and up a 46 ft (14 m) chain lift into multiple 180° hairpin turns. Then, riders go up a small hill, take a sharp turn, and go down the biggest drop on the ride. After that, riders go up a hill and turn into two bunny hills, the second of which features the coaster's on-ride photo. Riders then turn into one more dip that leads into the brakes.


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