River Bain
A narrow beck with green fields either side
River Bain near Countersett
Physical characteristics
 • locationSemerwater
 • coordinates54°17′3″N 2°7′22″W / 54.28417°N 2.12278°W / 54.28417; -2.12278
 • elevation252 metres (827 ft)
 • location
River Ure (at Bainbridge)
 • coordinates
54°18′45″N 2°6′3″W / 54.31250°N 2.10083°W / 54.31250; -2.10083
Length3.95 kilometres (2.45 mi)

The River Bain is a river in North Yorkshire, England. As a tributary of the River Ure, it is one of the shortest, named rivers in England.[1] The river is home to the small scale hydroelectricity project River Bain Hydro located at Bainbridge.[2]


The river leaves the second-largest natural lake in North Yorkshire, Semerwater, in a north-east direction past the hamlet of Countersett.[3] After a couple of gentle meanders it runs through woodland before slowly turning northwards. It passes under the A684 road in Bainbridge and joins the River Ure to the east of Yore Bridge opposite the mouth of Grange Beck.




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