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Rochdale Borough Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
Arms of Rochdale Borough Council
Founded1 April 1974
Mayor of Rochdale
Ali Ahmed, Labour
since 18 May 2022
Leader of the Council
Neil Emmott, Labour
since 19 May 2021
Deputy Leader
Daalat Ali, Janet Emsley, Labour
Leader of the Opposition
John Taylor, Conservative
Chief executive
Steve Rumbelow
since 15 December 2014
Seats60 councillors[1]
Rochdale Borough Council composition
Political groups
Administration (46)
  Labour (46)
Other parties (14)
  Conservative (9)
  Liberal Democrat (3)
  Middleton Independents Party (2)
Joint committees
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel
Last election
2023 (one third of councillors)
2022 (all 60 councillors)
Next election
2024 (one third of councillors)
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Rochdale Borough Council is the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale in Greater Manchester, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of ten in Greater Manchester and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in Rochdale and the towns and villages that make up the borough.

The council's civic offices and customer service centre are located in Number One Riverside.[2][3]

Wards and councillors

Each ward is represented by three councillors.[4]

Parliamentary constituency Ward Councillor Party Term of office
Heywood & Middleton
Bamford Stephen Anstee Conservative 2021–27
Angela Smith Conservative 2018–26
Patricia Sullivan Conservative 2019–24
Castleton Aisling-Blaise Gallagher Labour 2022–24
Aasim Rashid Labour 2018–27
Billy Sheerin Labour 2021–26
East Middleton Paul Beswick Independent 2022–26
Terry Smith Labour 2023–27
Dylan James Williams Labour 2022–24
Hopwood Hall Susan Emmott Labour 2019–24
Peter Hodgkinson Labour 2022–27
Carol Wardle Labour 2018–24
Norden James Gartside Conservative 2021–26
Michael Holly Conservative 2018–27
Peter Winkler Conservative 2019–24
North Heywood Liam O'Rourke Labour 2021–26
Bev Place Labour 2022–27
Peter Rush Labour 2018–24
North Middleton Peter Allonby Independent 2022–26
Elizabeth Atewologun Labour 2023–27
Sara Rowbotham Labour 2019–24
South Middleton Patricia Mary Dale Labour 2018–27
June West Labour 2018–24
Peter Williams Labour 2019–26
West Heywood Angela Brown Labour 2022–26
Peter Malcolm Labour 2022–24
Linda Robinson Labour 2023–27
West Middleton Phil Burke Labour 2019–26
Neil Emmott Labour 2018–27
Susan Smith Labour 2021–24
Balderstone and Kirkholt Elsie Blundell Labour 2019–27
Phillip Massey Labour 2021–26
Daniel Meredith Labour 2019–24
Central Rochdale Ali Ahmed Labour 2019–24
Iftikhar Ahmed Labour 2021–26
Sameena Zaheer Labour 2023–27
Healey Tricia Ayrton Labour 2022–27
Shaun O'Neill Labour 2021–26
Shah Wazir Labour 2019–24
Kingsway Shakil Ahmed Labour 2021–26
Daalat Ali Labour 2018–24
Rachel Massey Labour 2019–27
Littleborough Lakeside Tom Besford Labour 2019–24
Janet Emsley Labour 2018–26
Richard Jackson Labour 2023–27
Milkstone and Deeplish Mohammad Arshad Labour 2022–26
Shahid Mohammed Labour 2022–24
Aiza Rashid Labour 2022–27
Milnrow and Newhey David Bamford Liberal Democrats 2018–27
Irene Davidson Liberal Democrats 2021–26
Andy Kelly Liberal Democrats 2019–24
Smallbridge and Firgrove John Blundell Labour 2018–24
Aftab Hussain Labour 2019–26
Amna Mir Labour 2021–23
Spotland and Falinge Iram Faisal Labour 2021–26
Amber Nisa Labour 2022–27
Faisal Rana Labour 2018–24
Wardle, Shore & West Littleborough Ashley Dearnley Conservative 2021–26
Rina Paolucci Conservative 2019–24
John Taylor Conservative 2018–27

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