Type Turbofan
Manufacturer Rolls-Royce Limited
MAN Turbo
First run January 1963
Major applications EWR VJ 101D

The Rolls-Royce/MAN Turbo RB.153 was a high-performance 6,850 pounds-force (3,110 kgf) dry thrust turbofan engine developed jointly by Rolls-Royce Limited and MAN Turbo.[1] Developed for the German EWR VJ 101D interceptor with a German-developed thrust-deflector system.[1] The engine was also proposed for a number of other military VTOL projects including the Hawker P.1157 and Dornier Do 31.[2][3] A commercial-version of the engine was also considered for the Messerschmitt Me P.160 airliner.[1] The VJ101D project was cancelled and the engine never flew, being retained as a test bed.



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