Romani media started to develop in the last decades, with an evolution influenced by the diasporic status of the Romani people (living as minority in many countries).


The scattered status of the Roma people and the relatively recent evolution of the Romany media determined an important role for the Internet as fast and easy accessible means of communication. The Romany media presence on Internet includes news websites like Dženo Association, or dROMa-Blog (in German and Romani), also news networks like Roma Virtual Network.


There are Romany TV stations (like TV Šutel [1] from Šuto Orizari, Republic of Macedonia) or Romany programs at local TV stations, like Karavana le Romengiri, a Romany program presented on two hours per week rented by the Party of the Roma in Romania from Oglinda TV (the other content of this TV station has nothing in common with the Romany program, it just happened to be the one who accepted the lending). In Czech Republic there is an internet Romany TV - ROMEA TV. Most of the Romany TV stations are in Central and Southeastern Europe.




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