Romanian Rugby Federation
Federația Română de Rugby
SportRugby union
Founded1913[1] (1913[1])
World Rugby affiliation1987
Rugby Europe affiliation1934
PresidentAlin Petrache
Men's coachEugen Apjok
Sevens coachMen's: Florin Vlaicu
Women's: Neculai Tarcan

The Romanian Rugby Federation (Romanian: Federația Română de Rugby), abbreviated as FRR, is the governing body for the sport of rugby union in Romania. Romania currently comprises 24,610 players, 9,810 members of which are registered and 113 clubs in the whole country.


The Romanian Rugby Federation was founded in 1913, shortly after rugby union was introduced to Romania by French University students who moved to study in Romania and were also one of the founding members of the Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur, now known as Rugby Europe.

The federation became affiliated to the International Rugby Football Board, now known as World Rugby, in 1987 when Romania were invited to take part in the inaugural World Cup the same year.

Octavian Morariu was a former president of the FRR, and was considered by many the pioneer in the reconstruction of rugby union in Romania as well as the federation itself. Due to his success, he later became the President of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) and was replaced by George Straton, one of his closest associates. The current president of FRR is Alin Petrache, another former rugby union player for Romania.


Name[2] Tenure
Grigore Caracostea 1915–1940
Ion Petrescu 1940–1941
Dumitru Tănăsescu 1941–1942
Nicolae Chrissoveloni 1942–1943
Șerban Ghica 1943–1945
Paul Nedelcovici 1945–1946
Grigore Preoteasa 1947
Ascanio Damian 1947–1952
Mihai Nicolau 1952–1953
Emil Drăgănescu 1953–1967
Corneliu Burada 1967–1982
Emil Drăgănescu 1982–1984
Marin Cristea 1984–1989
Emil Ghibu 1989
Mihai Nicolescu 1990–1992
Viorel Morariu 1992–1998
Dumitru Mihalache 1998–2001
Octavian Morariu 2001–2003
George Straton 2003–2009
Alin Petrache 2009–2014
Hari Dumitraș 2014–2017
Alin Petrache 2017–present

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