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Royal Family Order of George V
Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Royal Family Order of George V (below that of George VI)
Awarded by
King George V
TypeRoyal Family Order
EligibilityFemale members of the British royal family
Awarded forAt His Majesty's pleasure
StatusDefunct; not awarded since the death of George V

Ribbon of the Order

The Royal Family Order of George V is an honour that was bestowed on female members of the British royal family by King George V.

Queen Elizabeth II was the last surviving recipient when she died on 8 September 2022.[1]


The order consists of a miniature of the king in naval uniform set in a crowned oval diamond frame and suspended from a pale blue ribbon.[1] It was provided in four different sizes: the largest version was bestowed on the King's wife and mother, the next largest went to his daughter and daughters-in-law, his sisters and his aunts; a smaller version was given to his granddaughters and the smallest to a number of other female relations. [1]

List of known recipients

[1] Size 1:

Size 2:

Size 3:

Size 4

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