Royal Moroccan Football Federation
Royal Moroccan Football Federation logo.svg
FIFA affiliation1960
CAF affiliation1960
PresidentFouzi Lekjaa

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (Arabic: الجامعة الملكية المغربية لكرة القدم; French: Fédération royale marocaine de football, FRMF) is the governing body of football in Morocco. It is based in Rabat.

on 2022 There have been many criticisms and controversies by millions of Moroccans against the Royal Football Association and its president, Fouzi Lekjaa, where the budget of the Royal Moroccan Football Association in one sports season is about 88 billion centimes (100 million dollars). For the national team, clubs, and financial prizes, in addition to the huge financial budget of hundreds of millions of dollars annually, which are allocated to national teams of all ages. The technical administration cost the budget of Fawzi Lekja University 4 billion and 400 million, (6 million euros), while the lion’s share was for the national teams, which cost 19 billion and 740 million centimes (20 million dollars). It is the highest ranked Arab national team, ahead of the likes of Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria.


Fifa rejected an election in 2013, and demanded a new election in 2014.[2] A term generally lasts four years.


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