Royton Junction
Royton Junction station (2322600408).jpg
General information
LocationHigginshaw, Oldham
Coordinates53°33′15″N 2°06′06″W / 53.55426°N 2.10170°W / 53.55426; -2.10170Coordinates: 53°33′15″N 2°06′06″W / 53.55426°N 2.10170°W / 53.55426; -2.10170
Grid referenceSD934064
Other information
Original companyLancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Pre-groupingLancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Post-groupingLondon, Midland and Scottish Railway
Key dates
1 July 1864 (1864-07-01)Opened as Royton Junction
8 May 1978Renamed Royton
11 May 1987Closed

Royton Junction railway station was a station on the Oldham Loop Line in Greater Manchester, England. It opened on 1 July 1864, and was the junction for the short branch line to Royton railway station. The line to Royton was closed to goods on 2 November 1964, and to passengers on 16 April 1966.[1] A 450-yard section of the line remained in use for freight traffic from Royton Junction to Higginshaw Gas Sidings. This final part of the Royton Junction to Royton line closed on 6 April 1970.[2]

The station was renamed Royton on 8 May 1978, and was closed from 11 May 1987.[3] Approval for closure had been given on 8 May 1987,[4] for the station had been replaced by Derker station which opened 12 mile (0.8 km) away on 30 August 1985.[5]


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