Ruth of the Rockies
Directed byGeorge Marshall
Written byFrances Guihan
Based on"Broadway Bab"
by Johnston McCulley
Produced byRuth Roland
StarringRuth Roland
Herbert Heyes
CinematographyAl Cawood
Distributed byPathé Exchange
Release date
  • August 29, 1920 (1920-08-29)
Running time
15 episodes
CountryUnited States
English intertitles

Ruth of the Rockies is a 1920 American silent Western film serial directed by George Marshall. Two of the 15 episodes survive in the UCLA Film and Television Archive.[1]


As described in a film magazine,[2] in New York City breezy Bab Murphy (Roland) comes into possession of a trunk with the insignia of the Inner Circle, a gang of crooks, who have their headquarters in Dusty Bend along the Mexican border but also operate in New York. The gang trails the trunk to ownership by Bab and, for it and a jade ring that is mysteriously sent to her, a series of adventures begin as she heads for the Bend.

Members of the gang throw the trunk off a train into the California desert where it is picked up by two accomplices in an automobile, only to have an aviator who flies low enough to overpower them and intercept the trunk by taking their place at the wheel. This birdman of mystery will later save Bab from the enforced marriage to a member of the gang, and by the third episode saves her from being imprisoned on the narrow balcony of a high tower.


Chapter titles

  1. The Mysterious Trunk
  2. The Inner Circle
  3. The Tower of Danger
  4. Between Two Fires
  5. Double Crossed
  6. The Eagle's Nest
  7. Troubled Waters
  8. Danger Trails
  9. The Perilous Path
  10. Outlawed
  11. The Fatal Diamond
  12. The Secret Order
  13. The Surprise Attack
  14. The Secret of Regina Island
  15. The Hidden Treasure

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