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Ruy, the Little Cid
SpanishRuy, el pequeño Cid
Created byClaudio Biern Boyd
Written byToshiyuki Kushikura
Joaquim Amichartis (Spanish adaptation)
Directed byFumio Kurokawa
Voices ofNaoko Watanabe
Ana Angles Garcia (Spanish)
Narrated byClaudio Rodriguez
Country of originSpain
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes26
ProducerJunzo Nakajima
Running time23 minutes
Production companiesBRB Internacional
Televisión Española
DistributorBRB Internacional
Original networkTVE1
Original releaseSeptember 10 (1980-09-10) –
December 3, 1980 (1980-12-03)

Ruy, the Little Cid is a Spanish animated adventure series produced by Spanish studio BRB Internacional and Televisión Española with animation by Japanese studio Nippon Animation.[1] The series is based upon the life of El Cid, an 11th-century Spanish hero[2][3] and was the first original project from Dogtanian creator Claudio Biern Boyd.[4]


The story is about the imaginary adventures of the childhood of El Cid in Castile in the 11th century. At the beginning of each chapter there was a historical introduction of the moment: King Fernando I, always engaged in warfare against the rest of the peninsular kingdoms, had unified the Kingdom of Castile with that of León, something that was not accepted willingly by all the Leonese nobles. Meanwhile little Rodrigo (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar or El Cid) dreams of being a brave knight.

Spanish Cast

Japanese Cast

Episode list

# Episode Name Original air date
01Transcription: "In a town called Vivar" (Spanish: En un pueblo llamado Vivar)September 10, 1980 (1980-09-10)
02Transcription: "Ruy, I am your father" (Spanish: Ruy, yo soy tu padre)TBA
03Transcription: "Ruy at the monastery" (Spanish: Ruy en el monasterio)TBA
04Transcription: "An ass in the chapel" (Spanish: Un asno en la capilla)TBA
05Transcription: "Ruy imprisioned" (Spanish: El encierro de Ruy)TBA
06Transcription: "Ruy, the gang's boss" (Spanish: Ruy, el jefe de la pandilla)TBA
07Transcription: "Giant's tower" (Spanish: El torreón del gigante)TBA
08Transcription: "Ruy is flying" (Spanish: El vuelo de Ruy)TBA
09Transcription: "The silver horseshoe" (Spanish: La herradura de plata)TBA
10Transcription: "Ruy and the three vagabonds" (Spanish: Ruy y los tres vagabundos)TBA
11Transcription: "The castle under siege" (Spanish: El castillo sitiado)TBA
12Transcription: "The knight made out of brass" (Spanish: El caballero de latón)TBA
13Transcription: "Florinda's kidnapping" (Spanish: El rapto de Florinda)TBA
14Transcription: "A night in the graveyard" (Spanish: Una noche en el cementerio)TBA
15Transcription: "The mad hero" (Spanish: El loco justiciero)TBA
16Transcription: "Ruy gets Peca back" (Spanish: Ruy recupera a Peca)TBA
17Transcription: "The banner" (Spanish: El estandarte)TBA
18Transcription: "Doña Berenguela's ghost" (Spanish: El fantasma de doña Berenguela)TBA
19Transcription: "A castle for Martin" (Spanish: Un castillo para Martín)TBA
20Transcription: "Pancorbo's bells" (Spanish: Las campanas de Pancorbo)TBA
21Transcription: "Mountain men" (Spanish: Los montañeses)TBA
22Transcription: "The pilgrim's bridge" (Spanish: El puente de los peregrinos)TBA
23Transcription: "The conspiracy" (Spanish: La conspiración)TBA
24Transcription: "A deadly arrow" (Spanish: Una flecha mortal)TBA
25Transcription: "The King is in danger" (Spanish: El rey en peligro)TBA
26Transcription: "Ruy, the Cid" (Spanish: Ruy, el Cid campeador)TBA


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