SAI Ambrosini
Founded1922 (1922)
Defunct1992 (1992)
Area served
The SAI Ambrosini factory, now abandoned, in Passignano
The SAI Ambrosini factory, now abandoned, in Passignano

SAI Ambrosini was an Italian aircraft manufacturer established in Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy, in 1922 as the Società Aeronautica Italiana. It became SAI Ambrosini when it was acquired by the Ambrosini group in 1934. Prior to World War II, the firm built a number of light touring and racing aircraft, the most successful of which was the SAI.7. During the war, this design served as the basis for some light fighter designs, but these did not enter mass production.[1]

Ambrosini was reformed in 1946 and continued with the development and manufacture of the SAI.7 design, eventually producing jet fighter prototypes based on it, but these were not successful. During the 1980s, the firm ventured into boat-building (including Azzurra, Italy's first America's Cup contender) and eventually into oil rigs before closing in 1992.


Aircraft built by Ambrosini[1]
Model name First flight Number built Type
Ambrosini SAI.1 1935 1 Racing
Ambrosini SAI.2 1934 1 Racing
Ambrosini SAI.2S 1937 General aviation
Ambrosini SAI.3 1937 10 General aviation
Ambrosini SS.4 1939 1 Fighter
Ambrosini SAI.7 & S.7 July 1939 159 Trainer
Ambrosini SAI.10 Grifone 8 July 1939 10 Trainer
Ambrosini SAI.10 Gabbiano Floatplane
Ambrosini SAI.11 Trainer
Ambrosini SAI.107
Ambrosini SAI.207 1940 14 Fighter
Ambrosini SAI.403 Dardo 1943 1 Fighter
Ambrosini S.1001 Grifo 1947 General aviation
Ambrosini S.1002 Trasimeno General aviation
Ambrosini Sagittario 1953 1 Experimental
Ambrosini Rondone 1951 20 General aviation

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