Cooperation Committee of the Nordic Labour Movement
Swedish: Arbetarrörelsens nordiska samarbetskommitté
Finnish: Työväenliikkeen pohjoismainen yhteistyökomitea
Danish: Arbejderbevægelsens nordiske samarbejdskommitté
Norwegian: Arbeiderbevegelsens nordiske samarbeidskomité
PresidentJonas Gahr Støre
General SecretaryJan-Erik Støstad
Chair of the BoardKjersti Stenseng
HeadquartersYoungstorget 2 0181 Oslo
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationParty of European Socialists
European Parliament groupProgressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Nordic Council affiliationThe Social Democratic Group
Colours  Red
Nordic Council
24 / 86

The Cooperation Committee of the Nordic Labour Movement[1] (Danish: Arbejderbevægelsens nordiske samarbejdskommitté; Norwegian: Arbeiderbevegelsens nordiske samarbeidskomité; Swedish: Arbetarrörelsens nordiska samarbetskommitté; Finnish: Työväenliikkeen pohjoismainen yhteistyökomitea), better known by its abbreviation SAMAK, is an alliance of social democratic parties and labour councils in the Nordic countries. SAMAK consists of all social democratic parties and trade union organisations in the Nordic countries, including in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. The current President of the Committee as of 2021 is Jonas Gahr Støre, the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party and Prime Minister of Norway. Jan-Erik Støstad is the General Secretary, and Kjersti Stenseng is Chair of the Board.

The committee was formed during the first Scandinavian Workers' Congress in Gothenburg in 1886.

SAMAK holds a congress every four years, while the board meets four to six times per year.

Member organisations

The red rose, a common symbol of social democracy. Nearly all member parties use the red rose as their logo or symbol.
 Faroe Islands

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