The SET50 and SET100 Indices are the primary stock indices of Thailand. The constituents of both lists are companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in Bangkok.


The SET50 Index and the SET100 Index were created "to accommodate the issuing of index futures and options in the future, and to provide a benchmark of investment in the Stock Exchange of Thailand [SET]".[1] Both indices are calculated from the stock prices of companies that are included in the SET Index, but each index consists of a subset of those stocks by a ranking based on large market capitalization, high liquidity and compliance with requirements regarding the distribution of shares to minor shareholders: those stocks ranked as the top 50 such stocks are the component stocks of the SET50 Index and those ranked as the top 100 — which also includes the top 50 — are the component stocks of the SET100 Index.

The calculation method used for these two indices is the same as that used for the SET Index, which is a market capitalization weighted index. The base dates used are 16 August 16, 1995 (SET50 Index) and 30 April 2005 (SET100 Index), which are the respective dates that the two indices were first published and were set to a base value of 1000 points. The base market value is continually adjusted to correspond to changes in the market values of the underlying securities of each index.

Stock revision

The list of component stocks in the SET50 Index and the SET100 Index are revised every six months in order to adjust for any unexpected changes that have occurred in the stock market such as new listings or public offerings. After these adjustments are made, stocks that meet the necessary qualifications are then selected to become part of the SET50 Index or the SET100 Index. Stock selection is conducted semi-annually between December 1–31 and June 1–30. During these two periods, The Stock Exchange of Thailand will select stocks based on its pre-stipulated criteria. The revised stock lists for both the SET50 and the SET100 will be announced to the general public as soon as the lists become available. New SET100 and SET50 Indices will take effect on the first trading day in January and July of each year. For every revision, both Index calculations will treat stocks which have been withdrawn as a delisting case and stocks which have been added as a new listing case. Whenever a stock is removed from either or both of the indices, a new stock will be added to replace it and to ensure the uninterruption of the indices. Also, adjustments will be made whenever the market value of a component stock changes due to the conversion of convertible bonds, the exercising of warrants, or new shares are issued for capital increase of the component stock, etc.


Constituent companies of the SET50 stock index, as of 30 December 2015:[2]

SET Symbol ISIN Securities Name Industry Group Sector Weighting
PTT TH0646010007 PTT Resources Energy & Utilities 8.91%
SCC TH0003010Z04 Siam Cement Property & Construction Construction Materials 7.05%
AOT TH0765010002 Airports of Thailand Services Transportation & Logistics 6.32%
ADVANC TH0268010Z03 Advanced Info Service Technology Information & Communication Technology 5.78%
SCB TH0015010000 The Siam Commercial Bank Financials Banking 5.18%
KBANK TH0016010009 Kasikornbank Financials Banking 4.60%
CPALL TH0737010Y08 CP All Services Commerce 4.51%
BDMS TH0264A10Z04 Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Services Health Care Services 4.42%
BBL TH0001010006 Bangkok Bank Financials Banking 3.72%
KTB TH0150010Z03 Krung Thai Bank Financials Banking 2.98%
PTTEP TH0355A10Z04 PTT Exploration and Production Resources Energy & Utilities 2.90%
PTTGC TH1074010006 PTT Global Chemical Industrials Petrochemicals & Chemicals 2.88%
CPN TH0481B10Z00 Central Pattana Property & Construction Property Development 2.70%
INTUCH TH0201A10Y01 Intouch Holdings Technology Information & Communication Technology 2.13%
TRUE TH0375010004 True Corporation Technology Information & Communication Technology 2.11%
MINT TH0128B10Z09 Minor International Agro & Food Industry Food and Beverage 2.04%
BH TH0168A10Z01 Bumrungrad International Hospital Services Health Care Services 1.96%
CPF TH0101A10Z01 Charoen Pokphand Foods Agro & Food Industry Food and Beverage 1.81%
TOP TH0796010005 Thai Oil Resources Energy & Utilities 1.72%
LH TH0143010Z08 Land and Houses Property & Construction Property Development 1.42%
BTS TH0221A10Z06 BTS Group Holdings Services Transportation & Logistics 1.39%
GLOW TH0834010009 Glow Energy Resources Energy & Utilities 1.38%
TMB TH0068010Z07 TMB Bank Financials Banking 1.35%
IVL TH1027010004 Indorama Ventures Industrials Petrochemicals & Chemicals 1.31%
DELTA TH0528010Z00 Delta Electronics (Thailand) Technology Electronic Components 1.22%
BLA TH1016010007 Bangkok Life Assurance Financials Insurance 1.21%
HMPRO TH0661010007 Home Product Center Services Commerce 1.14%
IRPC TH0471010Y04 IRPC Resources Energy & Utilities 1.12%
TU TH0450010Y08 Thai Union Group Agro & Food Industry Food and Beverage 1.05%
EGCO TH0465010005 EGCO Resources Energy & Utilities 1.02%
SCCC TH0021010Z06 Siam City Cement Property & Construction Construction Materials 0.94%
DTAC TH0554010Z06 Total Access Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology 0.92%
TASCO TH0219010Z06 Tipco Asphalt Property & Construction Construction Materials 0.80%
BEC TH0592010Z06 BEC World Services Media & Publishing 0.78%
CENTEL TH0176B10Z00 Central Plaza Hotel Services Tourism & Leisure 0.76%
PS TH0878010Y00 Pruksa Real Estate Property & Construction Property Development 0.76%
M TH4577010002 MK Restaurant Group Agro & Food Industry Food and Beverage 0.67%
CK TH0530010Z06 CH. Karnchang Property & Construction Construction Services 0.63%
SAWAD TH5456010005 Srisawad Power 1979 Financials Finance and Securities 0.62%
BA TH4403010002 Bangkok Airways Services Transportation & Logistics 0.62%
ROBINS TH0279010Z00 Robinson Department Store Services Commerce 0.62%
TCAP TH0083010Z06 Thanachart Capital Financials Banking 0.60%
BCP TH0420010Z00 Bangchak Petroleum Resources Energy & Utilities 0.58%
TPIPL TH0212010Z01 TPI Polene Property & Construction Construction Materials 0.54%
TTW TH0961010Y04 Thai Tap Water Supply Resources Energy & Utilities 0.54%
BANPU TH0148A10Z06 Banpu Resources Energy & Utilities 0.53%
WHA TH3871010Z01 WHA Corporation Property & Construction Property Development 0.52%
ITD TH0438010Z02 Italian Thai Development Property & Construction Construction Services 0.51%
CBG TH6066010005 Carabao Group Agro & Food Industry Food and Beverage 0.44%
JAS TH0418F10Z04 Jasmine International Technology Information & Communication Technology 0.30%

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