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Mission typeSatellite deployment
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftSpace Shuttle Challenger
Crew size6
MembersLoren Shriver
Bryan O'Connor
Mark C. Lee
Sally Ride
William Fisher
Robert Wood
Start of mission
Launch date22 July 1986
Not launched
Launch siteKennedy LC-39A

STS-61-M was a proposed Space Shuttle mission, planned for July 1986 but canceled following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (STS-51-L).

Payload was to have been one of the TDRS satellites.

Primary Crew

Position Astronaut
Commander Loren J. Shriver
Would have been second spaceflight
Pilot Bryan D. O'Connor
Would have been second spaceflight
Mission Specialist 1 Mark C. Lee
Would have been first spaceflight
Mission Specialist 2 Sally K. Ride
Would have been third spaceflight
Mission Specialist 3 William F. Fisher
Would have been second spaceflight
Payload Specialist 1 Robert J. Wood
Would have been first spaceflight

Backup Crew

Position Astronaut
Payload Specialist 1 Charlie Walker
Would have been fourth spaceflight

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