Sabah Bisaya
Native speakers
(21,000 cited 1982–2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
txx – Tatana'
bsy – Sabah Bisaya
Glottologtata1257  Tatana
saba1267  Sabah Bisaya

Tatana (Tatanaq) is a Sabahan language spoken in Sabah, Malaysia. Due to limited studies, it is hard to ascertain whether Tatana requires a category on its own or is considered a Bisaya variety based on its 90% linguistic intelligibility with the closely related Bisaya ethnic in Sabah. The current speakers of Tatana identify themselves as an ethnic subgroup of the Dusun people of Borneo. Jason Lobel (2013:360) classifies Tatana (along with Papar) as Murutic rather than Dusunic.


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