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The Sadhs (साध) are a minority sect in India.


The sect was formed by Birbhan sadhji in Bijesar, a village near Narnaul, Haryana in the year 1543 CE. They use the name Satnami to call upon the God. Hence, they call themselves as Satnamis.[1] Group or gathering of Sadh's is pronounced as "Sangat" संगत.

Satnami revolt was a major rebellion against Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor, occurred in Narnaul and surrounding localities in the year 1672, which was led by Sadh people. The revolt was caused by the oppression led by the revenue officials of the Mughal Emperor.[1] The absence from North India of the major proportion of royal troops helped the revolting people to establish a temporary gain and the movement of rebels towards Delhi became a matter of serious concern for the emperor himself. A large reinforcement was sent to contain the revolt and in the following battle thousands of rebels were killed.[1][2]

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