Native toIndonesia
Native speakers
(7500 cited 1987)
  • Waioli
  • Pa'disua
  • Gamkonora
  • Tala'i
  • Ibu †
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
saj – Sahu
ibu – Ibu
Glottologsahu1245  Sahu
ibuu1240  Ibu

Sahu (Sa’u, Sahu’u, Sau) is a North Halmahera language. Use is vigorous; dialects are Pa’disua (Palisua), Tala’i, Waioli, and Gamkonora. A fifth dialect, Ibu, used to be spoken near the mouth of the Ibu River.[1]

Sahu has many Ternate loanwords, a historical legacy of the dominance of the Ternate Sultanate in the Moluccas.[2]


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