Saifur Rahman Stadium
সাইফুর রহমান স্টেডিয়াম
Former namesMoulvibazar District Stadium
LocationMoulvibazar, Bangladesh
OwnerNational Sports Council
OperatorMoulvibazar District Sports Association
Sylhet Division

Moulvibazar District Stadium, also known as Saifur Rahman Stadium (Bengali: সাইফুর রহমান স্টেডিয়াম), is a multi-use stadium in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. It is currently used mostly for cricket and association football matches and is named after Saifur Rahman.[1] Horse racing is also a common sport held in the stadium as well.[2][3] The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people. It was built in 2001 and it opened in 2005. The complex also contains an indoor stadium, gallery, VIP gallery, dressing room, bathroom and a collapsible gate.[4] The indoor stadium, known as Sheikh Russel Indoor Stadium was funded by Olila Group, opened on 21 September 2018 and is predominantly used for kabaddi and badminton.[5]

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Coordinates: 24°28′23.34″N 91°46′27.58″E / 24.4731500°N 91.7743278°E / 24.4731500; 91.7743278