The Sam Muchnick Memorial Tournament
PromotionWorld Wrestling Federation
DateAugust 29, 1986[1][2]
CitySt. Louis, Missouri[1][2]
VenueKiel Auditorium[1][2]

The Sam Muchnick Memorial Tournament was a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) supercard held at the sold-out Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri on August 29, 1986, attended by nearly 11,000 fans and making $87,000.[1][2] The tournament was arranged by Larry Matysik, a protege of Muchnick.[3]

The event was held as a tribute to longtime St. Louis promoter Sam Muchnick and featured a 16-man single-elimination tournament which saw Harley Race defeat Ricky Steamboat in the tournament finals. The semi-main event included a match between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.[1][2][4]


August 29, 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri (Kiel Auditorium)

1Harley Race defeated Brian Blair[2]First Round Tournament match06:22
2Don Muraco vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine ended in a double-disqualification
As a result, Harley Race received a bye in the next round[2]
First Round Tournament match00:58
3Adrian Adonis defeated King Tonga[2]First Round Tournament match02:31
4Junkyard Dog defeated Hercules Hernandez[2]First Round Tournament match08:56
5Brutus Beefcake defeated Lanny Poffo[2]First Round Tournament match03:12
6Pedro Morales defeated Dory Funk, Jr.[2]First Round Tournament match05:33
7Billy Jack Haynes defeated Jimmy Jack Funk[2]First Round Tournament match04:15
8Ricky Steamboat defeated Jim Brunzell[2]First Round Tournament match07:10
9Junkyard Dog defeated Adrian Adonis[2]Quarter Final Tournament Match05:02
10Brutus Beefcake defeated Pedro Morales[2]Quarter Final Tournament Match10:34
11Ricky Steamboat defeated Billy Jack Haynes[2]Quarter Final Tournament Match05:58
12Harley Race defeated Junkyard Dog[2]Semi Final Tournament match10:38
13Ricky Steamboat defeated Brutus Beefcake[2]Semi Final Tournament match12:23
14Harley Race defeated Ricky Steamboat[1][2]Tournament Finals match07:04
15Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Paul Orndorff ended in a double-disqualification[1]Singles match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship16:08
(c) – the champion(s) heading into the match

Tournament bracket

Pin-Pinfall; Sub-Submission; CO-Countout; DCO-Double countout; DQ-Disqualification; Ref-Referee's decision

First round Quarterfinals Semi-finals Final
Harley Race PIN
Brian Blair 6:22
Harley Race
Don Muraco     0:58
Greg Valentine DDQ
Harley Race     PIN
Junkyard Dog 10:38
King Tonga PIN
Adrian Adonis 2:31
Adrian Adonis PIN
Junkyard Dog 5:02
Hercules Hernandez 8:58
Junkyard Dog PIN
Harley Race SUB
Ricky Steamboat      07:04
Brutus Beefcake 3:12
Lanny Poffo PIN
Brutus Beefcake PIN
Pedro Morales 10:34
Dory Funk, Jr. PIN
Pedro Morales 5:33
Brutus Beefcake 12:23
Ricky Steamboat PIN
Billy Jack Haynes PIN
Jimmy Jack Funk 4:15
Billy Jack Haynes 5:58
Ricky Steamboat PIN
Jim Brunzell PIN
Ricky Steamboat 7:10


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