Samlar machu
A bowl of Samlar machu kroeung.
Alternative namesSamlor machu, salaw machu, somlor machu
Place of originCambodia
Main ingredientsTamarind, prahok, vegetables, fruits, herbs
VariationsSamlar machu kroeung, Samlar machu yuon, Samlar machu srae, Samlar machu ktis
Similar dishesCanh chua[1]

Samlar machu (Khmer: សម្លម្ជូរ – 'sour soup') is a Khmer term for a category of sour soups.

The sour flavour of the soup comes from the use of tamarind (អម្ពិល), however variations also include other tangy fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes (ប៉េងប៉ោះ), pineapples (ម្នាស់), Ipomoea aquatica, celery, as well as Tiliacora triandra leaves (ស្លឹកវល្លិយាវ).[2] There are many types of Khmer sour soups such as:

Meat in this type of soup is usually that of either chicken, fish, pork, beef, lobster or crab. In the U.S. and Canada, instead of using fresh tamarind like in Cambodia, a powdered tamarind soup base mix is also used by the diaspora. One popular brand is manufactured by Knorr.[4]


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