سنگسری‎, Sangesari
Native toSemnan, Mazanderan, Tehran, Golestan & Markazi provinces of Iran
Native speakers
43,000 (2021)[1]
Persian alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3sgr

Sangsari or Sangisari is an Iranian language spoken mainly in the Semnan and Tehran provinces of Iran, especially in the Sangesar (Mahdi Shehr) town and in several surrounding villages. Sangsari is included in the Semnani group of Northwestern Iranian languages that also includes Lasgerdi, Semnani, and Sorkhei.[2] There are around 50,000 Sangsari speakers.[3]

Glottolog classifies Sangsari under "Komisenian" languages of Northwestern Iranian branch of Iranian language family.[4] This designation is also adopted by Wiktionary.[5]


The vowels of Sangsari are /a, aː, e, eː, i, o, ö, u, uː/. The consonants are the same as in Persian.[6]


Sangseri distinguishes two numbers in pronouns—singular and plural—and marks two cases in the singular—the direct (nominative) and the oblique (other cases). Masculine and feminine forms are distinct in the singular third person pronouns.[7]

1 sg 2 sg 3 sg masc. 3 sg fem. 1 pl 2 pl 3 pl
dir. a ham anun
obl. ma ta ne ham anun

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