Sapporo Ichiban
Product typeInstant noodles (ramen, yakisoba)
OwnerSanyo Foods
Produced bySanyo Foods

Sapporo Ichiban (サッポロ一番) is a brand of instant noodles (primarily ramen) manufactured by Sanyo Foods of Maebashi, Gunma, Japan. Sapporo Ichiban noodles are also manufactured in Garden Grove, California for the United States and North American market.

Introduced in 1966, Sapporo Ichiban has found a market outside Japan, most notably with consumers in Hong Kong, the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Canada.

Sapporo Ichiban literally means "Sapporo's number one [noodle]", coined by future company president Takeshi Ida after he was particularly impressed with Sapporo's local ramen.

Facilities and manufacturing

Sanyo Foods had previously kept their headquarters, and R&D all in their original town of Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture, but their headquarters have legally moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo. They have built their plants for domestic products in Gunma, Chiba, Nara, and Fukuoka. There is a small sales branch in Sapporo. Products sold in the United States are made in Garden Grove, California.


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