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Biometric passport

Saudi passport
Saudi Passport 2022.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Saudi passport Biometric passport
Issued by Saudi Arabia
First issuedFebruary 10, 2022
EligibilitySaudi Arabian citizenship
Expiration5 lunar years for people aged under 21 5 or 10 lunar years for people aged 21 or older
Cost300 SAR / $80 USD for 5 lunar years 600 SAR / $160 USD for 10 lunar years

The Saudi Arabian passport (Arabic: جواز السفر السعودي) is a passport document issued to citizens of Saudi Arabia for international travel. It is valid for five or ten lunar years.

Passport issuance procedures

An applicant is required to fill in an online form for the first time. In the case of passport renewal, an applicant is not required to fill in the form where the passport can be renewed with a few online steps through Absher online platform. An applicant must have a valid Government ID to be able to issue the passport. The passport photo must be taken whilst the applicant is in Saudi dress, unless the applicant is underage and has no Government ID card.[citation needed] The photo must be 100 mm × 150 mm (4 in × 6 in) in size. The applicant must fill the form in both Arabic and English.[1]

In 2017, a new option of the passport issuance was introduced, the new option offers a validity of ten years.

On 10 February 2022, the Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced that they have began issuing a new passport, with a couple of changes, most notably the addition of a biometric chip.[2]

All procedures are carried out electronically through the platform Absher. This platform enables applicants to apply for a new passport or passport renewal without the requirement of attendance in person.[3]

New edition

In 2022, the Ministry of Interior has announced the new version of the Saudi Passport,[2] containing a myriad of differences, including but not limited to:


The Saudi Arabian passport is green and has the following wording on its cover:

"المملكة العربية السعودية" "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

"جواز سفر" "Passport"

In addition to the official Emblem of Saudi Arabia on the top, and a symbol on the bottom to indicate that it has a biometric chip.

Data page

The data page of a Saudi passport
The data page of a Saudi passport

The Saudi data page has multiple information,(in both English and Arabic unless stated):

Passport message

In Arabic:

باسم ملك المملكة العربية السعودية أطلب من موظفي المملكة المدنيين والعسكريين وممثليها في الخارج ومن كل سلطة أخرى تعمل باسمها ومن السلطات المختصة في الدول الصديقة أن يسمحوا لحامل هذا الجواز بحرية المرور وأن يقدموا له المساعدة والرعاية

In English:

In the name of the King, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I request all whom it may concern to permit the bearer of this passport to pass freely, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection required.[5]

Visa requirements

Main article: Visa requirements for Saudi citizens

As of August 2018, Saudi citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 75 countries and territories, ranking the Saudi passport 67th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index.[6] Saudi citizens do not need a visa to enter other GCC states and reside permanently. In June 2017, Saudi Arabia suspended diplomatic relations with Qatar, which is one of the GCC countries, and as a result, Saudi citizens are prohibited from traveling to the neighboring country.

Countries and territories with visa-free or visa on arrival entry for holders of regular Saudi passports
Countries and territories with visa-free or visa on arrival entry for holders of regular Saudi passports

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