Score Productions is an American musical production company specializing in background music and themes for television shows. Started in 1963 in a brownstone townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan by music producer Bob Israel,[1] Score has created some of the most recognizable tunes in America — most identifiable by just a few notes.[2]

Among the composers who worked for Score Productions are Charles Fox, Walt Levinsky, Arthur B. Rubinstein, Dick Lieb, Michel Camilo, Chuck Loeb, Billy Barber, Irving "Benny" Robbin, Charles Gross, Glen Daum, Birch Johnson, and Les Fradkin.

One of the Score-produced compositions, "Come on Down", also known as the theme song from The Price Is Right, would eventually become a number one hit on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart for Crystal Waters in 2001. The single also marked the first time that a television theme song (and one that came from a game show) reached number one on a Dance chart, and the first to feature lyrics. [3]

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