Scotia Future
LeaderCharles Brodie
Founded9 September 2020
Headquarters23 Maybole Road
IdeologyScottish independence
Colours  Purple
Local government in Scotland
1 / 1,227

Scotia Future is a political party in Scotland which supports Scottish independence.[1] The party is in favour of what it considers "Real Independence and a Scotland of Equals" outside both the United Kingdom and the European Union with a Swiss style relationship within EFTA. On social and economic issues, the Party looks to an older radical nationalist tradition in Scotland than the Scottish National Party, such as to the economic radicalism of the Scots National League, the Co-Operative Movement, and the Highland Land League. Its colours are purple and white, and its logo is a triquetra superimposed on a map of Scotland.[2]


Scotia Future was founded on 9 September 2020 by former SNP MSP Chic Brodie.[3][4] The party was registered by the Electoral Commission on the 9 September 2020.[5]

On 22 October 2020, Cllr Andy Doig became Scotia Future's first elected representative when he joined the party while sitting on Renfrewshire Council, having been elected as an independent and then later moving to the party. He had been both an SNP representative and an independent, but the party to date has decided not to contest elections to either Westminster or local government, but only to contest Holyrood elections, so Cllr Doig retains his Independent status on Renfrewshire Council. In February 2021 Chic Brodie announced his candidacy on behalf of Scotia Future to stand in Ayr constituency at that year's Scottish elections, and Cllr Doig announced his candidacy on behalf of Scotia Future to stand in Renfrewshire South constituency also.

Manifesto launch and policies

Scotia Future launched its Holyrood manifesto on 4 April 2021. It stated that the focus of the election should be on "policies not personalities" which may have been an oblique reference to the very personal contest at that election between Nicola Sturgeon's SNP and the newly created Alba Party of Alex Salmond. The Manifesto called for an ambitious programme of more residential rehab centres to treat alcoholism, a strategy to repopulate the Highlands and Islands, a post-independence referendum on the monarchy, a second revising Scottish Senate based in Edinburgh and a House of Representatives based in Glasgow, the introduction of Single Transferable Voting to Holyrood, the decentralisation of local government, and the major policy commitment to repatriating all employment law to Holyrood and the introduction of employee votes and shareholding in every company above a certain size, as in Germany.[6]

As far as the Scottish election results were concerned Scotia Future were heartened by the fact they came within sixty votes of beating the Liberal Democrats in Renfrewshire South, although they accepted there was a massive tactical squeeze in Ayr between the SNP and the Tories. Their policy now was announced to be to "regroup and reflect", and build YES unity and a mass movement for real independence.

Electoral performance

Scottish Parliament

Year Regional Vote Constituency Vote Overall Seats Change
2021 451 votes 0.0%
0 / 56
1,032 votes 0.0%
0 / 73
0 / 129
New Party


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