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Screen Two is a British television anthology drama series, produced by the BBC and transmitted on BBC2 from 1985 to 1998 (not to be confused with a run of films shown on BBC2 under the billing Screen 2 between April 1977 and March 1978).

Following the demise of the BBC's Play for Today, which ran from 1970 to 1984, producer Kenith Trodd was asked to formulate a new series of one-off television dramas. However, while Play for Today's style had been a largely studio-based form of theatre on television, the new series was shot entirely on film. This was an attempt by the BBC to repeat the success of Channel 4's television films, many of which had been released in cinemas.[1]

From 1989 to 1998, a companion series, Screen One, was broadcast on the more mainstream BBC1. After appearing more sporadically in the mid-1990s, Screen Two came to an end as the BBC moved its attentions away from single dramas and concentrated production on series and serials instead. The last programme shown under the Screen Two name was Stephen Poliakoff's The Tribe in June 1998.


Date Title Writer Director Producer

Series One[edit]

6 January 1985 Contact[2] A. F. N. Clarke Alan Clarke Terry Coles
The British army call Northern Ireland close to the southern border "bandit country". Patrolling here is always tense, tiring, unpredictable and usually very dangerous. Contact – the army term for an armed exchange with terrorists – can take place at any time.

Cast: Sean Chapman, John Blundell, Ozzie Stevens, Jem Ahmet, Jason Cunliffe, Steve Fletcher, Graham Fletcher Cook, Gary Hailes, Chris Lee, Dennis Savage, Sam Smart, Steve Sweeney and James Mathews

13 January 1985 Poppyland[3] William Humble John Madden Richard Broke
On a hot August day in 1883 the theatre critic and writer Clement Scott met nineteen-year-old Louie Jermy, a Norfolk miller's daughter, for the first time.

Cast: Alan Howard, Phoebe Nicholls, John McEnery, Richard Wilson, John Shrapnel, Jonathan Hyde, Norman Jones, Hilton McRae, Isla Blair, Tim Wylton, Kristin Milward, Martin Wyldeck, David Redgrave, Colin Rix, Susan Porrett, James Fagan and Paul Sirr

20 January 1985 Unfair Exchanges[4] Ken Campbell Gavin Millar Kenith Trodd
Mavis is plagued by increasingly mysterious and sinister telephone calls.

Cast: Julie Walters, George Lapham, David Rappaport, Robert Kingswell, Bert Parnaby, Ken Campbell, Janet Henfrey, John Abineri, Christopher Ellison, Wolf Kahler, Malcolm Terris, Dave Lee Travis, Arnold Diamond, Henry Stamper, Charles Pemberton

27 January 1985 Knockback: Part One[5] Brian Phelan
Based on the book by Peter Adams & Shirley Cooklin
Piers Haggard Philip Hinchcliffe
A prison visitor meets a murderer

Cast: Derrick O'Connor, Leslie Grantham, Pauline Collins, Laurence Harrington, Eric Mason, Paddy Joyce, Stanley McGeagh, Roy Pattison, Hilary Sesta, David Webb, Derek Ware, Ryan Freedman, Maurice Bush

3 February 1985 Knockback: Part Two[6] Brian Phelan
Based on the book by Peter Adams & Shirley Cooklin
Piers Haggard Philip Hinchcliffe

Cast: Leslie Grantham, Pauline Collins, Laurence Harrington, Malcolm Terris, Frank Coda, Iain Rattray, Michael Barrington, Angus MacKay, Brenda Kempner

10 February 1985 Lent[7] Michael Wilcox Peter Barber-Fleming Tom Kinninmont

Cast: Harry Andrews, Constance Chapman, Fabia Drake, David Langton and Graham McGrath

17 February 1985 The Unknown Soldier[8] Raymond Hitchcock Mike Vardy Rosemary Hill

Cast: Nicholas Clay, David Neal, James Gaddas, Antony Carrick

24 February 1985 The Burston Rebellion[9] Elaine Morgan Norman Stone Ruth Caleb

Cast: Eileen Atkins, Bernard Hill, John Shrapnel, Geoffrey Chater, John Abineri, Frank Mills, Peter Benson, Jon Laurimore, Norman Jones, Peter Tuddenham, John Gleeson, Alan Mason

3 March 1985 Space Station: Milton Keynes[10] Leslie Stewart Colin Rogers & Leslie Stewart Colin Rogers

Cast: Patricia Garwood, Gian Sammarco, Nigel Lambert

10 March 1985 In The Secret State[11] Brian Phelan
From the novel by Robert McCrum
Christopher Morahan Ann Scott

Cast: Frank Finlay, Thorley Walters, Michael Byrne, Ronald Fraser, Ken Campbell, Natasha Richardson, Hilary Minster, Malcolm Terris, Geoffrey Chater, Tony Selby, Roger Brierley, Gorden Kaye, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Ivor Salter, Stephen Churchett, Pip Donaghy, Emma Relph

Series Two[edit]

12 January 1986 The McGuffin[12][13] Michael Thomas
From the novel by John Bowen
Colin Bucksey Kenith Trodd

Cast: Charles Dance, Mark Rylance, Ann Todd, Anna Massey, Chris Langham, Francis Matthews, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Brian Glover, Jerry Stiller, Stephen Lewis, Phyllis Logan

19 January 1986 The Silent Twins[14] Marjorie Wallace Jon Amiel Martin Thompson

Cast: Tony Robinson, John Savident, Clyde Pollitt

26 January 1986 Time After Time[15] Molly Keane
Screenplay by Andrew Davies
Bill Hays Terry Coles

Cast: John Gielgud, Googie Withers, Helen Cherry, Brenda Bruce, Freddie Jones, Fiona Walker, George Baker

2 February 1986 Frankie & Johnnie[16] Paula Milne Martin Campbell Graham Benson

Cast: Hywel Bennett, Diana Hardcastle, Amanda Donohoe, Shelagh Fraser, Norman Jones

9 February 1986 Honest, Decent and True[17] Les Blair Les Blair Graham Benson

Cast: Derrick O'Connor, Adrian Edmondson, Gary Oldman, Richard E. Grant, Arabella Weir, Owen Brenman

16 February 1986 Song of Experience[18] Martin Allen Stephen Frears Innes Lloyd

Cast: Rachel Bell, Nigel Terry

23 February 1986 The Insurance Man[19] Alan Bennett Richard Eyre Innes Lloyd

Cast: Trevor Peacock, Alan MacNaughtan, Teddy Turner, Vivian Pickles, Tony Haygarth, Jim Broadbent, Daniel Day-Lewis, Richenda Carey, Geoffrey Palmer, Roger Hammond, Benjamin Whitrow, Oona Kirsch, Richard Kane

2 March 1986 Hotel du Lac[20][21] Christopher Hampton
From the novel by Anita Brookner
Giles Foster Sue Birtwistle

Cast: Anna Massey, Denholm Elliott, Googie Withers, Julia McKenzie, Patricia Hodge, Irene Handl, Barry Foster, Geoffrey Chater, Jeffry Wickham, Patsy Byrne, Colette Gleeson

9 March 1986 The Russian Soldier[22] Brian Phelan Gavin Millar Alan Shallcross

Cast: Warren Clarke, Alan MacNaughtan, Patrick Malahide, Jerome Flynn, June Page, Iain Rattray, Eileen Helsby, Charles Pemberton

16 March 1986 Blood Hunt[23] Neil Gunn (novel)
Adapted by Stewart Conn
Peter Barber-Fleming Norman McCandlish

Cast: Iain Glen, Andrew Keir, Nigel Stock, Michael Carter, Arabella Weir, Jon Croft

23 March 1986 Shergar[24] Bill Morrison Nigel Finch Ruth Caleb

Cast: Stephen Rea, Gary Waldhorn, Ian McElhinney, Dermot Crowley, Peter Caffrey

30 March 1986 Hard Travelling[25] Hugh Stoddart Colin Gregg Andree Molyneux

Cast: Suzanne Burden, Tom Bell, Jack Shepherd, Michael Gough, Perry Benson, Denis Carey, Colette O'Neil, Gordon Salkilld, Sarah Berger

6 April 1986 Double Image[26] Stephen Davis Mick Jackson Graham Massey

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, David Healy

Series Three[edit]

4 January 1987 Coast to Coast[27] Stan Hey Sandy Johnson Graham Benson

Cast: Lenny Henry, John Shea, Peter Vaughan, George Baker, Pete Postlethwaite, Cherie Lunghi, Al Matthews, Edward Peel, Neville Smith, Tony Haygarth

11 January 1987 Blunt[28] Robin Chapman John Glenister Martin Thompson

Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ian Richardson, Michael Williams, Geoffrey Chater, Albert Welling, Michael McStay, Christopher Denham

18 January 1987 Will You Love Me Tomorrow[29] Adrian Shergold, David Snodin Adrian Shergold David Snodin

Cast: Joanne Whalley, Tilly Vosburgh, Phil Daniels, Iain Glen, Beverley Sowden (aka Callard), Richard Ireson

25 January 1987 After Pilkington[30] Simon Gray Christopher Morahan Kenith Trodd

Cast: Bob Peck, Miranda Richardson, Gary Waldhorn, Barry Foster, Derek Ware, John Gill

1 February 1987 East of Ipswich[31][32] Michael Palin Tristram Powell Innes Lloyd

Cast: Edward Rawle-Hicks, John Nettleton, Pat Heywood, Graham Crowden, Janine Duvitski, Timothy Bateson, Roger Brierley, Tip Tipping, Wayne Michaels, Oona Kirsch, Phyllida Hewat, June Ellis

8 February 1987 Naming the Names[33] Anne Devlin Stuart Burge Chris Parr

Cast: Sylvestra Le Touzel, Michael Maloney, Mick Ford, James Ellis, Eileen Way

15 February 1987 Northanger Abbey[34] Maggie Wadey
from the novel by Jane Austen
Giles Foster Louis Marks

Cast: Katharine Schlesinger, Peter Firth, Robert Hardy, Googie Withers, Geoffrey Chater, Elvi Hale, Helen Fraser, Elaine Ives-Cameron

22 February 1987 Visitors[35][36][37] Dennis Potter Piers Haggard Kenith Trodd

Cast: John Standing, Michael Brandon, Nicola Pagett, Glynis Barber

1 March 1987 Heaven on Earth[38] Margaret Atwood and Peter Pearson Allan Kroeker W. Paterson Ferns

Cast: Torquil Campbell, Sarah Polley, Fiona Reid

8 March 1987 Inappropriate Behaviour[39][40] Andrew Davies Paul Seed Terry Coles

Cast: Charlotte Coleman, Anne Reid

15 March 1987 Going Home[41] Christopher Green Terence Ryan Ray Marshall

Cast: Nicholas Campbell, Milan Cheylov, Albert Schultz, Paul Maxwell, Clyde Pollitt

29 March 1987 Quartermaine's Terms[42] Simon Gray Bill Hays Louis Marks

Cast: Eleanor Bron, Edward Fox, Clive Francis, John Gielgud, Peter Jeffrey, Tessa Peake-Jones

5 April 1987 On the Palm[43] Dave Sheasby Michael Whyte Kenith Trodd

Cast: Phillip Jackson, Cathy Tyson, James Hazeldine, Peter Martin, Liz Smith

17 April 1987 Hedgehog Wedding[44] Elizabeth Spender Tim King Innes Lloyd

Cast: Sheila Allen, Lynsey Baxter, Frederick Treves, Aimée Delamain, David Blake Kelly

19 April 1987 The Children of Dynmouth[45] William Trevor Peter Hammond Rosemary Hill

Cast: Simon Fox, John Bird, Avril Elgar, Peter Jones, Gary Raymond

Series Four[edit]

10 January 1988 The Vision[46] William Nicholson Norman Stone David M. Thompson

Cast: Eileen Atkins, Dirk Bogarde, Helena Bonham Carter, Lynda Bellingham, Alan Curtis, Bruce Boa, Bruce Montague, Lee Remick, Paul Maxwell

17 January 1988 Dead Lucky[47] Ruth Rendell (novel), Barbara Rennie Barbara Rennie Ann Scott

Cast: Phil Davis, Nicholas Farrell, William Gaminara, Donald Douglas

24 January 1988 Sweet as You Are[48][49] William Nicholson Angela Pope Ruth Caleb

Cast: Liam Neeson, Miranda Richardson, Philip Bird, Philip McGough

31 January 1988 Stanley[50] Elaine Morgan Anna Benson Gyles Ruth Caleb

Cast: Lesley Dunlop, David Horovitch, Juliet Stevenson, Anton Lesser, Peter Birrel, Norman Jones, Roger Brierley, Wendy Gifford, Sarah Berger

7 February 1988 Border[51] Tim Rose Price
from a story by Jiri Stanislav
Misha Williams Terry Coles

Cast: Edita Brychta, Daniel Hill, Norman Jones, Catherine Schell, Lynn Farleigh, Roy Evans, Hana Maria Pravda, Paul Humpoletz, Gordon Faith, Richard Ireson, Roy Pattison

6 March 1988 Lovebirds[52] Barry Collins Stephen Whittaker Chris Parr

Cast: Stephen Bent, Linda Henry, Shaheen Khan, Paul Bhattacharjee, Lloyd McGuire, Tracey Wilkinson

13 March 1988 Shadow on the Earth[53] David Kane Chris Bernard David M Thompson

Cast: Billy Hartman, Jonathan Battersby

27 March 1988 Reasonable Force[54] P. G. Duggan Jim Goddard Martyn Auty

Cast: John Hannah, Warren Clarke, Adrian Dunbar, William Thomas, Michael Melia, Colette O'Neil, Arthur Cox, Crawford Logan

3 April 1988 The Temptation of Eileen Hughes[55] Brian Moore Tristram Powell Martin Thompson

Cast: Angharad Rees, Birdy Sweeney

17 April 1988 Lucky Sunil[56][57] Andrew Davies
Based on a story by Tariq Yunus
Michael Caton-Jones Andree Molyneux

Cast: Kulvinder Ghir, Michelle Collins, Hugh Cornwell, Niamh Cusack, Richenda Carey, Albert Moses, Benjamin Whitrow, Ahmed Khalil, Tariq Yunus, Vass Anderson

24 April 1988 Run for the Lifeboat[58] Douglas Livingstone Douglas Livingstone Carol Parks

Cast: Stacey Tendeter, Jeff Rawle, Tenniel Evans, David Garfield, Sion Tudor Owen, Stephen Thorne

Series Five[edit]

8 January 1989 Death of a Son[59] Tony Marchant Ross Devenish Martin Thompson

Cast: Lynn Redgrave, Jay Simpson, Oliver Ford Davies, Frederick Treves, Jerome Willis, Richard Moore, Derek Ware, Roy Evans, Glyn Pritchard

15 January 1989 Angel Voices[60] Stephen Wakelam Michael Darlow Andree Molyneux

Cast: Michael Williams, Alan Rothwell, Malcolm Hebden, Lee Woods

22 January 1989 Flying in the Branches[61] Anna Fodorova Eva Kolouchova Martyn Auty

Cast: Ralph Bates, Edita Brychta, Susan Fleetwood, Ian McNeice, Donald Gee, Tim Barker

29 January 1989 Words of Love[62] Philip Norman Colin Nutley Brian Eastman

Cast: Charlie Creed-Miles, Tom Bell, Liz Smith

5 February 1989 Leaving[63] Daniel Boyle Sandy Johnson Barry Hanson

Cast: Maggie Bell, Paul Young, Hugh Martin

12 February 1989 Virtuoso[64] William Humble
based on the book by Brenda Lucas Ogdon and Michael Kerr
Tony Smith Philip Hinchcliffe

Cast: Alfred Molina, Alison Steadman, Philip Locke, Mark Wing-Davey, Bruce Boa, John Heard, James Nesbitt, Trevor Martin, Ling Tai

19 February 1989 The Picnic[65] Lesley Bruce Paul Seed Terry Coles

Cast: Billie Whitelaw, Iain Glen, Brenda Fricker, Ross Kemp, Phil Smeeton

26 February 1989 The Firm[66][67] Al Hunter Ashton Alan Clarke David M. Thompson

Cast: Gary Oldman, Lesley Manville, Philip Davis, Steve McFadden, Roderick Smith, Mark Monero, Phillip Joseph

5 March 1989 Here is the News[68][69] G. F. Newman Udayan Prasad Kenith Trodd

Cast: Richard E. Grant, Jim Carter, Heathcote Williams, Josette Simon, Michael Melia, Simon Rouse, Max Harvey, Christopher Burgess, Alan MacNaughtan

12 March 1989 Ice Dance[70] Stephen Lowe Alan Dossor Michael Wearing

Cast: Warren Clarke

19 March 1989 Sitting Targets [71] Peter Ransley Jenny Wilkes Andrée Molyneux

Cast: Gina Bellman, Jonathan Hyde, Phyllis Logan, John Bowe, Leslee Udwin (actor and consultant),[72][73] Mary Wimbush, Philip Bond, Andrew Forbes, Nick Burnell, Jerome Willis, Ian Thompson

26 March 1989 Defrosting the Fridge[74] Ray Connolly Sandy Johnson Terry Coles

Cast: Joe Don Baker, Phyllis Logan, Togo Igawa, Victor Maddern, Russell Floyd, Richard LeParmentier, William Ilkley, Michael Crane, David Redgrave

Series Six[edit]

14 January 1990 Old Flames[75][76] Simon Gray Christopher Morahan Kenith Trodd

Cast: Stephen Fry, Simon Callow, Miriam Margoyles, Celia Imrie, Harry Littlewood, Roger Hammond

21 January 1990 The Man from the Pru[77] Robert Smith Rob Rohrer Roger Gregory

Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Anna Massey, Susannah York, Tom Georgeson, Philip Latham, Geoffrey Hughes

28 January 1990 Drowning in the Shallow End[78] Leigh Jackson Colin Gregg Susi Hush

Cast: Paul McGann, Phoebe Nicholls, Adrian Dunbar, Arkie Whiteley, Alfred Molina, ...
Sam Preston, Caroline Guthrie, Simone Parfaitt, Max Stafford-Clark, Danny Webb, Rupert Holliday Evans, Liz Smith, Katherine Best, Ian Redford, Tony Slattery, Michele Wade, Fiona Victory, Emma D'Inverno, Ric Wadsworth, Janet Behan, Anna Sawa, Georgia Clarke, Ruddy L. Davis, Frederik de Groot, Martina Berne, Olivier Pierre, Hal Lindes and Denise Margetts
4 February 1990 Close Relations[79] Stanley Price Adrian Shergold Ruth Caleb

Cast: James Hazeldine, Clare Holman, Rosalind March, Annie Gurney, Eric Heath, June Barrie, Glynis Brooks, Michael Egan, Robert Morgan, Richard Cubison, Andrew Wilde, Adie Allen, William Knightley, Daphne Neville, Mark Draper, Stephen Bent, Ian Sharp, Amanda Drewry, Peter Bayliss, Nigel Le Vaillant and Wilfred Grove

11 February 1990 The Impossible Spy[80] Marty Ross and Douglas Livingstone Jim Goddard Graham Massey and David Goldstein

Cast: Eli Wallach

18 February 1990 He's Asking for Me[81] Boleslaw Sulik Witold Starecki Kenith Trodd

Cast: Maggie O'Neill, David Threlfall, Thorley Walters, Gina McKee

25 February 1990 Sometime in August[82] Bernard MacLaverty John Glenister Norman McCandlish

Cast: Mary Morris

4 March 1990 Small Zones[83] Jim Hawkins from an idea by Simon Thirsk Michael Whyte Terry Coles

Cast: Sean Bean, William Ilkley, Christopher Saul, Stephanie Turner, Jonathan Burn

11 March 1990 Circles of Deceit[84] Nina Bawden (novel)
Stephen Wakelam (screenplay)
Stuart Burge Louis Marks

Cast: Edward Fox, Jane Lapotaire, Brenda Bruce, John Bird, John Nettleton, Stefan Schwartz

18 March 1990 The Lorelei[85] Nick Dunning Terry Johnson Robert Cooper

Cast: Amanda Redman, Michael Maloney, John Nettleton,

25 March 1990 Children Crossing[86] Trevor Preston Angela Pope David M Thompson

Cast: Peter Firth, Saskia Reeves, Bob Peck

1 April 1990 Kremlin Farewell[87] Nigel Williams Tristram Powell David M Thompson

Cast: Freddie Jones, Kenneth Colley, Richard Wilson, Bernard Kay, Graham Crowden, Polly Walker

Series Seven[edit]

13 January 1991 Heading Home[88] David Hare David Hare Rick McCallum

Cast: Gary Oldman, Joely Richardson, Michael Bryant, Leon Eagles, David Schneider

27 January 1991 Hallelujah Anyhow[89] Jean "Binta" Breeze and Matthew Jacobs Matthew Jacobs David Stacey

Cast: Doña Croll, Keith David, George Harris, Ram John Holder

3 February 1991 Korczak[90] Agnieszka Holland Andrzej Wajda David M Thompson

Cast: Wojtek Pszoniak

10 February 1991 Fellow Traveller[91] Michael Eaton Philip Saville Michael Wearing

Cast: Ron Silver, Imogen Stubbs, Daniel J. Travanti, Hart Bochner, Richard Wilson, Doreen Mantle, Allan Mitchell, Roger Hammond, Trevor Cooper

17 February 1991 102 Boulevard Haussmann[92] Alan Bennett Udayan Prasad Innes Lloyd

Cast: Alan Bates, Paul Rhys, Janet McTeer, Philip McGough and Celia Imrie

24 February 1991 A Private Life[93][94] Andrew Davies Francis Gerard Francis Gerard

Cast: Bill Flynn, Jana Cilliers, Embeth Davidtz

3 March 1991 The Laughter of God[95][96] Tony Bicat Tony Bicat Bill Shapter

Cast: Peter Firth, Amanda Donohoe, Sylvia Syms, Nick Hobbs, John Forgeham

10 March 1991 Morphine and Dolly Mixtures[97] Carol Ann Courtney (novel)
Karl Francis
Karl Francis Ruth Kenley-Letts

Cast: Patrick Bergin, Joanna Griffiths

17 March 1991 Do Not Disturb[98] Timberlake Wertenbaker Nicholas Renton Simon Passmore

Cast: Frances Barber, Peter Capaldi, Stefan Schwartz, Patrick Godfrey, Dermot Crowley, Roger Brierley

24 March 1991 Dreaming[99] William Mcllvanney Mike Alexander Andy Park

Cast: Ewen Bremner, Mary McCusker, Deacon Blue, Billy Connolly and Marianne Faithfull

31 March 1991 They Never Slept[100] Simon Gray Udayan Prasad Kenith Trodd

Cast: Edward Fox, Emily Morgan, James Fleet, Peter Czajowski, Pete Postlethwaite, Derek Fowlds, Imelda Staunton

7 April 1991 Aimee[101] Guy Hibbert Pedr James Michael Wearing

Cast: Donald Sumpter, Juliet Stevenson, Edward Burnham, Tony Steedman

Series Eight[edit]

19 January 1992 The Grass Arena[102][103] Frank Deasy, based on John Healy's autobiography Gillies MacKinnon Ruth Baumgarten

Cast: Mark Rylance, Pete Postlethwaite, Harry Landis, Tim Barlow, Jon Croft

26 January 1992 Flea Bites[104] Stephen Lowe Alan Dossor Alan Dossor and Peter Kendal

Cast: Nigel Hawthorne, Tim Healy

2 February 1992 The Count of Solar[105] David Nokes Tristram Powell Ruth Caleb

Cast: David Calder, Tyron Woolfe, Patrick Godfrey, Peter Benson, Janet Henfrey, Lisa Bowerman, Arthur Hewlett

9 February 1992 The Lost Language of Cranes[106][107] Sean Mathias
David Leavitt (novel)
Nigel Finch Ruth Caleb

Cast: Brian Cox, Eileen Atkins, Angus MacFadyen, Corey Parker, René Auberjonois, John Schlesinger and Cathy Tyson

16 February 1992 The Object of Beauty[108] Michael Lindsay-Hogg Michael Lindsay-Hogg John S Denny

Cast: John Malkovich, Andie MacDowell, Joss Ackland, Bill Paterson, Jack Shepherd, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Stephen Churchett, Richard Ireson

23 February 1992 My Sister-Wife[109] Meera Syal Lesley Manning Ruth Baumgarten

Cast: Meera Syal, Paul Bhattacharjee, Shaheen Khan, Peter Howell, Mary Jo Randle, Sakuntala Ramanee

1 March 1992 Truly Madly Deeply[110] Anthony Minghella Anthony Minghella Robert Cooper

Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Alan Rickman and Bill Paterson

8 March 1992 The Common Pursuit[111][112] Simon Gray Christopher Morahan Kenith Trodd

Cast: Stella Gonet, Kevin McNally, Tim Roth, Stephen Fry, Ian Bannen

15 March 1992 Utz[113] Hugh Whitemore
Bruce Chatwin (novel)
George Sluizer John Goldschmidt

Cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Brenda Fricker, Peter Riegert, Paul Scofield, Pauline Melville, Anthony Donovan

22 March 1992 The Law Lord[114] John Cooper Jim Goddard Simon Passmore

Cast: Anthony Andrews, Bernard Hill, Tom Baker, T. P. McKenna, Tim Preece, George Harris, Roger Brierley, John Stratton, Leonard Maguire, Harriet Reynolds, Gian Sammarco, Ellie Beaven

29 March 1992 The Last Romantics[115] Nigel Williams Jack Gold David M Thompson

Cast: Ian Holm, Sara Kestelman, Leo McKern, Alan Cumming, Charles Dale

5 April 1992 Enchanted April[116][117] Peter Barnes
Elizabeth von Arnim (novel)
Mike Newell Ann Scott

Cast: Miranda Richardson, Josie Lawrence, Polly Walker, Joan Plowright, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent, Michael Kitchen

19 April 1992 Memento Mori[118] Muriel Spark (novel)
Jack Clayton
Jack Clayton Louis Marks

Cast: Maggie Smith, Michael Hordern, Renée Asherson, Stephanie Cole, Maurice Denham, Thora Hird, Zoë Wanamaker, Damaris Hayman, Leonard Maguire, Anna Cropper, Preston Lockwood, Arthur Hewlett, John Baskcomb, Walter Sparrow, Aimée Delamain, Cyril Cusack

Series Nine[edit]

17 January 1993 The Clothes in the Wardrobe[119] Alice Thomas Ellis (novel)
Martin Sherman
Waris Hussein Norma Heyman

Cast: Jeanne Moreau, Joan Plowright, Julie Walters, Lena Headey, Catherine Schell, David Threlfall, John Wood, Tommy Duggan, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Gwyneth Strong

24 January 1993 Edward II[120] Christopher Marlowe (play)
Derek Jarman
Stephen McBride
Ken Butler
Derek Jarman Steve Clark-Hall
Antony Root

Cast: Steven Waddington, Tilda Swinton, Andrew Tiernan, Dudley Sutton, Jerome Flynn, Roger Hammond, Allan Corduner, Annie Lennox

31 January 1993 The Long Roads[121] John McGrath Tristram Powell Peter Kendal

Cast: Robert Urquhart, Edith MacArthur, John Owens, Bhasker Patel, Metin Yenal, Brian Miller

7 February 1993 Femme Fatale[122][123] Simon Gray Udayan Prasad Kenith Trodd

Cast: Simon Callow, Donald Pleasence, Colin Welland, Jason Durr, Rosalie Crutchley, Al Hunter Ashton

14 February 1993 Dead Romantic[124][125] Simon Brett (novel)
Jan Ashdown
Patrick Lau Chris Griffin

Cast: Janet McTeer, Clive Wood, Jonny Lee Miller, Elspet Gray, Simon Rouse, Ralph Arliss, Laurence Harrington

21 February 1993 The Cormorant[126] Stephen Gregory (novel)
Peter Ransley
Peter Markham Ruth Kenley-Letts

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Helen Schlesinger

28 February 1993 Prague[127] Ian Sellar Ian Sellar Christopher Young

Cast: Alan Cumming, Sandrine Bonnaire and Bruno Ganz

7 March 1993 Voices In the Garden[128] Dirk Bogarde (novel)
adapted by Lee Langley
Pierre Boutron Christian Charret
Peter Jefferies

Cast: Anouk Aimée, Joss Ackland, Samuel West

28 March 1993 Maria's Child[129] Malcolm McKay Malcolm McKay Kenith Trodd

Cast: Yolanda Vazquez

4 April 1993 The Snapper[130] Roddy Doyle Stephen Frears Lynda Myles

Cast: Tina Kellegher, Colm Meaney

19 December 1993 The Trial[131] Franz Kafka (novel)
Harold Pinter (adaptation)
David Jones Louis Marks

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Anthony Hopkins, Juliet Stevenson, Alfred Molina, David Thewlis, Michael Kitchen, Tony Haygarth, Paul Brooke, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Patrick Godfrey, Don Henderson, John Woodvine

30 December 1993 The Railway Station Man[132] Jennifer Johnston (novel)
Shelagh Delaney (dramatisation)
Michael Whyte Andrée Molyneux
Roger Randall-Cutler

Cast: Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland

Series Ten[edit]

2 March 1994 Genghis Cohn[133][134] Romain Gary (novel)
Stanley Price
Elijah Moshinsky Ruth Caleb

Cast: Robert Lindsay, Antony Sher, Diana Rigg, John Wells, Frances de la Tour, Paul Brooke, Cheryl Fergison, Daniel Craig, Shaun Dingwall, Charles Dale, Arnold Yarrow, Patrick Godfrey

Awards: American cable television's Ace Award for best screenplay – Stanley Price

9 March 1994 Skallagrigg[135] William Horwood (novel)
Nigel Williams
Richard Spence John Chapman

Cast: Bernard Hill, Kerry Noble, John McArdle, Tom Tomalin, Karl Andrew Purden, Adam Walker, Jamie Beddard, Billie Whitelaw, Nick Brimble, Richard Briers, Tracy Gillman, Ian Dury, Kevin Whately, Linda Bassett and Nabil Shaban

Awards: BAFTA Television Award for Best Single Drama in 1995[136]

16 March 1994 All Things Bright and Beautiful[137] Barry Devlin Barry Devlin Katy McGuinness

Cast: Ciarán Fitzgerald, Tom Wilkinson, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin McNally, Gabrielle Reidy, Lorraine Pilkington, Marie Jones and John Keegan

23 March 1994 The Reflecting Skin[138] Philip Ridley Philip Ridley Dominic Anciano
Ray Burdis

Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Lindsay Duncan, Jeremy Cooper, Sheila Moore and Duncan Fraser

30 March 1994 O Mary This London[139] Shane Connaughton Suri Krishnamma Helen Greaves

Cast: Jason Barry, Oba Seagrave, Dylan Tighe, Ram John Holder, Lesley Manville, John Otway, Meera Syal, Frank Kelly, Leslie French, Richard Strange, Declan Mulholland, Arthur Hewlett and Philip Bloomfield

6 April 1994 Dirtysomething[140] Peter Saimi
Carl Prechezer
Carl Prechezer

Cast: Rachel Weisz, Rufus Sewell, Bernard Hill, Paul Reynolds, Walter Sparrow, Susannah Doyle

13 April 1994 Return to Blood River[141] Douglas Livingstone Jane Howell Peter Goodchild

Cast: Kevin McNally, Warren Clarke, Frances Barber, Samantha Bond, Brian Capron, Ilario Bisi-Pedro and Stephen Thorne

20 April 1994 Henri[142][143] John Forte Simon Shore Colin Tucker

Cast: Kara Bowman, Sean Caffrey

27 April 1994 Continental Drift[144] Adisakdi Tantimedh Paul Tickell Tatiana Kennedy

Cast: Dmitri Shevchenko, Olga Rodina, Natasha Bain and Andrei Smolyakov

4 May 1994 Ethan Frome[145] Edith Wharton (novel)
Richard Nelson
John Madden Stan Wlodkowski

Cast: Liam Neeson, Patricia Arquette, Joan Allen, Tate Donovan, Katherine Houghton, Stephen Mendillo, Debbon Ayer, Jay Goede, Rob Campbell

11 May 1994 Hope in the Year Two[146] Trevor Griffiths Elijah Moshinsky Ann Scott

Cast: Jack Shepherd, Tom Bowles and Sophie Unfield

18 May 1994 Sin Bin[147] Catherine Johnson George Case Charles Pattinson

Cast: Pete Postlethwaite, George Costigan, Kathy Burke, James Cosmo, Moya Brady, Anna Keaveney, Ruth Sheen, Graham Aggrey, Angus Barnett, Dave Hill, Jackie Downey, David Hatton, Phil Rose, Steve Swinscoe, Tina Malone and Tommy Wright

25 May 1994 Men of the Month[148] Rona Munro Jean Stewart Caroline Oulton

Cast: Douglas Hodge, Akim Mogaji, Clare Higgins, Britta Smith, Ricci Harnett, Nicholas Woddeson, Alexander Morton, Claire Hackett, Eddie Osei, Emer McCourt and Sandy Ratcliff

1 June 1994 Safe[149][150][151][152][153] Al Ashton
Billy Bragg (songs)
Antonia Bird David M Thompson

Cast: Kate Hardie, Aidan Gillen, George Costigan, Andrew Tiernan, Steve Mackintosh, Robert Carlyle, Carol Leader, Neil Smals, Cheryl Maiker, Marc O'Shea, Kevin Walsh, Louise Heaney, Marsha Thompson, Jimmy Gallagher, Cheryl Hall and Vincent Pickering

Awards: BAFTA Television Award for Best Single Drama in 1994[154]
Winner of the Best New Director Award at the 1993 Edinburgh International Film Festival.
Also co-winner ... won two awards at the 1993 Edinburgh International Film Festival

8 June 1994 A Landing on the Sun[155] Michael Frayn Nicholas Renton David Snodin

Cast: Robert Glenister, Susan Fleetwood, Roger Allam, Judith Scott, Patrick Godfrey, Oliver Ford Davies, Jane Wymark, June Barrie, Michael Fitzgerald, August Aharris, Marlene Sidaway, Mary MacLeod, Sharon Bower, Robert Langdon Lloyd and Nicholas Haley

15 June 1994 In the Cold Light of Day[156] Richard Monks Richard Monks Tatiana Kennedy

Cast: Frances Barber, Jim Carter, Stephanie Cole, Bernard Hepton, Ronald Pickup, Margery Withers, Laura Tristram, Dean Burgin, Michael Friel, Denis Lill and Linda Bassett

22 June 1994 Criminal[157] Vincent O'Connell Corin Campbell-Hill Hilary Salmon

Cast: Paul Popplewell, Leanne Whalley, Cheryl Godber, Nicky Evans, Jensen Marriott, June Watson, Lynda Rooke, Richard Mayes and Ray Ashcroft

Awards: Won Royal Television Society Best Single Drama in 1995

29 June 1994 A Little Bit of Lippy[158] Martyn Hesford Chris Bernard George Faber

Cast: Kenneth Cranham, Rachel Davies, Alison Swann, Danny Cunningham, Elizabeth Bradley, Bette Bourne, Tina Earl, Cliff Howells, Alan David, Sandra Gough and Finetime Fontayne

26 December 1994 Midnight Movie[159][160] Dennis Potter Renny Rye Dennis Potter

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2 January 1995 The Blue Boy[161][162] Paul Murton Paul Murton Kate Swann

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Series Eleven[edit]

26 March 1995 A Very Open Prison[163][164] Guy Jenkin Guy Jenkin Geoffrey Perkins

Cast: Tom Wilkinson, Ronald Pickup, Stephen Tompkinson, Emily Mortimer, Peter Wingfield, Michael Hordern, Geoffrey Whitehead, John Fortune, Celia Imrie, Julian Fellowes, Michael Fenton-Stevens, William Hoyland, Trevor Cooper, Jason Barry, David Sterne, Andy Hamilton, Susannah Hitching, Frederick Warder, Andrew Barrow, Ben Forster, Andrew Castell, Charlotte Attenborough and Sue Carpenter

2 April 1995 Life after Life[165][166] Graham Reid Tim Fywell Anthony Rowe

Cast: Lorcan Cranitch, Bridget Turner, Ingrid Craigie, Jonathan Arun, Des McAleer, Michelle Fairley

16 April 1995 Persuasion[167][168] Jane Austen (novel)
Nick Dear
Roger Michell Fiona Finlay

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23 April 1995 Crazy for a Kiss[169] Greg Snow Chris Bould Clive Brill

Cast: Mike McShane

18 May 1995 The Absence of War[170] David Hare Richard Eyre Simon Curtis

Cast: John Thaw, Richard Pasco, Nicholas Day, Michael Bryant, Saskia Wickham, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Clare Higgins, Paul Moriarty, George Harris, Oliver Ford Davies, Alastair Galbraith, Tyrone Huggins, Judith Coke, Martin Jarvis and Judy Damas

21 May 1995 Mrs Hartley and the Growth Centre[171] Philippa Gregory Noella Smith Debbie Shewell

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4 June 1995 Black Easter[172] David Pirie Ben Bolt Peter Goodchild

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11 June 1995 Bliss[173] Les Blair Les Blair Lynn Horsford

Cast: Douglas Hodge, Judith Scott, Saira Todd, Gary McDonald and Magnus Magnusson

Series Twelve[edit]

11 November 1995 Great Moments in Aviation[174] Jeanette Winterson Beeban Kidron Philippa Giles

Cast: Rakie Ayola, Jonathan Pryce, John Hurt, Vanessa Redgrave, Dorothy Tutin, Carmen Munroe, Oliver Samuels, David Harewood, Stan Pretty, Sol Raye, Muriel Hunte, Jeillo Edwards, Bertie Green, Willie Payne, Joan Hooley, Dora Dixon-Fyle, Marc Mathews, Alex Tetteh-Lartey, Margaret Robertson and Myleisha Powlette

18 November 1995 Priest[175] Jimmy McGovern Antonia Bird George Faber
Josephine Ward

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24 December 1995 The Hawk[179] Peter Ransley David Hayman Eileen Quinn
Ann Wingate
A serial killer nicknamed "the Hawk" is preying on women, and suburban wife Annie Marsh begins to suspect her husband. But her past psychiatric history means that nobody will take her seriously.

Cast: Helen Mirren, George Costigan, Rosemary Leach, Melanie Hill, Owen Teale, Clive Russell, Christopher Madin, Marie Hamer, David Harewood, Pooky Quesnel, Caroline Paterson, Jayne MacKenzie, John Duttine, Nadim Sawalha, Helen Ryan and Rachel Moores

26 December 1995 The Hour of the Pig[180] Leslie Megahey Leslie Megahey David M. Thompson

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31 December 1995 Return of the Native[181] Thomas Hardy (novel)
Robert W Lenski
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18 February 1996 Half the Picture[182] Richard Norton-Taylor and John McGrath Nick Kent John McGrath

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Series Thirteen[edit]

11 May 1996 Captives[183] Frank Deasy Angela Pope David M. Thompson

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Series Fourteen[edit]

5 October 1996 Crossing the Floor[191] Guy Jenkin Guy Jenkin Lissa Evans

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Maggie Wadey
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26 October 1996 Flowers of the Forest[194] Michael Eaton Michael Whyte Norman McCandlish

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16 November 1996 Dallas Doll[196][197] Ann Turner Ann Turner Ray Brown
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31 December 1996 Burn Your Phone[198] Andrew Wallace Alan Cumming Dixie Linder

Cast: Alan Cumming, Jason Isaacs, Burt Caesar, Trevor Cooper, Ian Dunne, Beverley Hills and Anthony Jackson

Series Fifteen[edit]

17 May 1997 Stonewall[199][200] Rikki Beadle-Blair
Martin Duberman (book[201])
Nigel Finch Christine Vachon

Cast: Guillermo Diaz, Frederick Weller, Brendan Corbalis, Duane Boutte, Bruce MacVittie, Peter Ratray, Dwight Ewell, Matthew Faber, Michael McElroy, Luis Guzman, Joey Dedio, Candis Cayne, David Drumgold, Keith Levy, Fenton Lawless, Margaret Gibson, Vincent Capone, Jose Zuniga and Emanuel Xuereb

1 June 1997 ID[202] Vincent O'Connell
James Bannon (story)
Philip Davis Sally Hibbin

Cast: Reece Dinsdale, Richard Graham, Claire Skinner, Sean Pertwee, Saskia Reeves, Warren Clarke, Philip Glenister, Perry Fenwick, Charles De'Ath, Lee Ross, Ian Redford, Phil Davis, Frank Coda and Thomas Craig

7 June 1997 Stone, Scissors, Paper[203] Richard Cameron Stephen Whittaker Laurence Bowen
Sally French

Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Ken Stott, Melanie Kilburn, John Bowler, Ian Redford, Ian Dunn, Katherine Dow Blyton, Hazel Douglas, David Kay, Keith Humphries, Joanna Knowles, Justin Ellery and Hope Johnstone

14 June 1997 Butterfly Kiss[204] Frank Cottrell Boyce Michael Winterbottom Julie Baines
Sarah Daniel

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21 June 1997 Brothers in Trouble[205][206][207] Robert Buckler
Abdullah Hussein (story)
Udayan Prasad Robert Buckler

Cast: Om Puri, Angeline Ball, Pavan Malhotra, Pravesh Kumar, Ahsen Bhatti, Bhasker Patel, William Maxwell

28 December 1997 Mothertime[208] Matthew Jacobs
Gillian White (novel)
Matthew Jacobs Josh Golding

Cast: Kate Maberley, Gina McKee, Anthony Andrews, Imogen Stubbs, Zohren Weiss, Rosy de Wolf, Megan de Wolf, Felix Bell, Ian Reddington, Faith Brook, Sheila Allen, Rosalind Bennett, Stephanie Fayerman, Georgie Glen, Sarah-Marie Maltha, Kevin Dyer and Fenella Shepherd

1 January 1998 Small Faces[209] Billy MacKinnon
Gillies MacKinnon
Gillies MacKinnon Steve Clark-Hall

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21 June 1998 The Tribe[210][211] Stephen Poliakoff Stephen Poliakoff Anita Overland

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