Scripturarum thesaurus
Latin for 'The Treasure of the Scriptures'
Apostolic constitution of Pope John Paul II
Coat of arms of Pope John Paul II
Signature date25 April 1979
Subjectpromulgation of the Nova Vulgata
← Sapientia christiana
Irecensis →

Scripturarum thesaurus (English: The Treasure of the Scriptures), is an apostolic constitution signed by John Paul II on 25 April 1979, the first year of the pontificate of this Pope; the document promulgates the Nova Vulgata as the official Bible of the Catholic Church.

In Scripturarum thesaurus, the Pope declares "the New Vulgate edition of the Holy Bible as 'typical'" and promulgates it "to be used especially in the sacred Liturgy but also as suitable for other things"[1]

At the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church had approved the Vulgate of Jerome as its official Bible.[2] The Abbey of St Jerome in Rome was founded by Pius XI to prepare the revision of the Vulgate.[3]

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