The Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) is included in the Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) protocol. SAP makes the process of adding and removing services on an IPX internetwork dynamic. SAP was maintained by Novell.

As servers are booted up, they may advertise their services using SAP; when they are brought down, they use SAP to indicate that their services will no longer be available. IPX network servers may use SAP to identify themselves by name and service type. All entities that use SAP must broadcast a name and Service Type that (together) are unique throughout the entire IPX internetwork. This policy is enforced by system administrators and application developers.

SAP Service Types

Value Meaning
0x0001 User
0x0002 User group
0x0003 Print queue
0x0004 File server
0x0005 Job server
0x0006 Gateway
0x0007 Print server
0x0009 Archive server
0x000A Job queue
0x000B Administrative object
0x0021 SNA gateway
0x0024 Remote bridge server
0x0027 TCP/IP gateway
0x0047 Advertising print server
0x8000-0x7FFF Reserved
0xFFFF Wildcard

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