Seskli (Greek: Σεσκλί) also known as Sesklio (Σέσκλιο), Sesklo (Σέσκλο) and Sesklia (Σεσκλιά) is a small Greek uninhabited island close to the island of Symi. Its ancient name was Teutloussa (Ancient Greek: Τεύτλουσα).[1] There can be no doubt that is the same island that Pliny the Elder called Scutlusa.[2]

On the island, there are archaeological findings from many different periods in history, including findings dating back to the late Neolithic period.[3]

During the Peloponnesian War, the Athenian fleet under the general Charminus retreated to the island after its defeat from the Spartan fleet under Astyochus, and then fled to Halicarnassus.[4]

The island is also mentioned by Pliny the Elder.[5]


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