Seven Wonders of the World
Seven Wonders of the World (film).jpg
Directed byTay Garnett
Paul Mantz
Andrew Marton
Ted Tetzlaff
Walter Thompson
Written byProsper Buranelli
W.P. Lipscomb
Produced byMerian C. Cooper
Lowell Thomas
StarringLowell Thomas
Paul Mantz
CinematographyHarry Squire
Edited byHarvey Manger
Jack Murray
Music byJerome Moross
Emil Newman
David Raksin
Sol Kaplan
Distributed byCinerama Releasing Corporation
Release date
April 10, 1956
Running time
106 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$32.1 million (US/Canada)[1]

Seven Wonders of the World is a 1956 documentary film in Cinerama. Lowell Thomas searches the world for natural and man-made wonders and invites the audience to try to update the ancient Greek list of the "Wonders of the World".


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Merian C. Cooper started Seven Wonders of the World as the second Cinerama film after 1952's This Is Cinerama.[2] By September 1953, $1 million had already been spent and it was estimated that it would cost a further $1 million to complete.[2]

Stanley Warner Corp. acquired the rights to the film (and all Cinerama product) during production.[2]

Cinerama Holiday, which started production later, was released before Seven Wonders of the World, which then became the third Cinerama film to be released.


The film grossed $32.1 million in the United States and Canada.[1] It spent more than 14 months on release at the Casino Theatre in Buenos Aires, a record run in Argentina.[3]

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