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Shadi Beg
Facial Chronicle - b.12, p.105 - Murder of Tokhtamysh
Khan of the Golden Horde
PredecessorTemür Qutlugh

Shadi Beg was Khan of the Golden Horde from 1399 to 1407. He was a son of Timur-Malik.


After the death of his brother; Temur Qutlugh, Shadi Beg was enthroned with the help of Edigu as Khan of the Golden Horde in 1399. The same year, Edigu went to Siberia to exact revenge on Toqtamysh who had killed his father[citation needed]. During Edigu's absence Shadi Beg tried to strengthen his power over the Horde, but when Edigu returned he dethroned Shadi Beg and enthroned his brother, Pulad Khan in his place. Shadi Beg escaped to the Caucasus mountains (probably Derbent) where he died. He held the west while his uncle Koirijak ruled the east.[1]


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Regnal titles Preceded byTemur Qutlugh Khan of the Golden Horde1399–1407 Succeeded byPulad
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